My smoothie recipe…..

August 19, 2006 Jasmine

Okay now alot of times instead of grapefruit, we throw in like 1/3 rd to 1/2 of pineapple depending on the size. I am trying to switch to having grapefruit more often though so have mainly been doing that lately. I am going to pick up regular grapefruit at the store but I had originally tried getting Joe to drink the grape fruit juice but he experimented and put it in the smoothie instead. Now I don’t NORMALLY recommend using any juice bought at the store, only fresh squeezed because most of the time the fruit loses most of it’s original potent minerals and vitamins when it is extracted. (other long story) plus all the crap they add into it with preservatives etc to infinity. But for now we have grape fruit juice left in the fridge so we will use it up. The reason I originally bought it for Joe was because he said he would try the juice because it does have excellent benefits for smokers. The fruit page I read about that on mentioned specifically “grapefruit juice” in helping to prevent cancer so etc………………

8 oz of grapefruit juice OR 1 whole grapefruit
2 bananas
8 strawberries
20 tiny blueberries
2 apples
2 oranges

(makes like 36 oz so usually Joe and I will split that up between us)

If you have a bigger blender I would recommend trying 16 oz of the grapefruit juice since 8 oz is one adult serving. When I get the grapefruit I will just use a whole one since a serving for that is half I believe. Anyhow…enjoy!!!

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