The Lake….(last month)

September 11, 2006 Jasmine

….Well this is the second weekend that we have gone up there. It is only about a one hour drive there so not too bad. Next month is Joey’s vacation so we are going for at least 4-5 days. I can’t wait! It is so beautiful there!! So peaceful even when you have kids hanging on ya. The most annoying thing is the bees trying to eat lunch with you! haha I can’t wait to go back. Though this last time really did a number on my heel. I have been having trouble on and off, just a little bit of pain really for like a month now. But boy did it sure act up saturday! I was fine all day but when I woke up sunday morning I had to hobble to the bathroom it hurt so bad! I spent part of the day in bed and Joey wrapped it in a hot towel and I just tried to stay off it. He chased the lkids around and took care of dinner so that was great! I am feeling much better today and am going to go for my walk today Probably around 4:00

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