Beef: It’s what’s for dinner

November 9, 2007 Jasmine

That is not my picture. I found it on the web somewhere and thought it would be fitting. It’s been hectic the past few days. Tuesday night we went grocery shopping and the ads change on Wed. so we went again. We spent $250.00 Tuesday and $100.00 Wed. and guess what? I still need to go to Smart N Final! Usually I like to go get a bunch of stuff at the beginning of the month , than go back each week and shop for special sales and produce/milk/fresh veggies.

My months usually overlap though. Like some times I buy alot of something but it is enough for 2-3 months though. I remember back in January or February when whole chickens went on sale for .49 cents a lb, I bought 18 of them! I kind of got sick of them and haven’t bought one since. lol

We eat alot of chicken here. What I aim for is red meat twice a week and when we do spaghetti, usually it is meatless(since we are trying to cut back on eating meat). That usually happens about once every two weeks. Sunday is usually roast or steak or grilled burgers. I get the 4% fat patty’s for my eldest and I. Sometimes if we do burritos, no meat. We tried for a while doing ground turkey but it just tasted so fatty. This month I decided to try something new mainly for dh.

We don’t eat pork. I found some turkey sausages/links and some sweet Italian turkey sausages. His eyes glazed over with glee when he seen them.

Last month I bought up a bunch of boneless skinless chicken breast, Tyson flash frozen. Those seem to work the best for me, just pull some out and cook. Or sometimes I will cook all 5 lbs at once and have enough for 2 meals and a lunch, or some to throw on pizza etc. I also bought a bunch of ch. breast on the bone when they went on sale for .99 cents a lb.

It was towards the end of the month when it finally dawned on me that we hadn’t eaten any red meat at home that month! (dh and I and whoever is with us at the time usually eat out once a week at In & Out Burger). No wonder I was thinking about buying part of a cow! lol I kept looking for sales last month for steak or roast and didn’t see any. It was all $4.00 a lb which is rediculous!

So this month between the back to back sales at Stater Bros. I bought a bunch of red meat. It might even take us 3 months to eat it all. lol

I bought:

4 big packs boneless chuck roast at $1.99 a lb
2 lbs cube steak $3.99 a lb
2.5 lbs flap meat $3.99 a lb(for carne asada)
1.5 T bone steak $4.77 a lb
2 packs of tri tip roast $1.99 a lb
a few family packs of top sirloin steak $1.99 a lb

I know the cube steak was pricey but I really want to try this recipe I found online for steak sandwiches this month. SO now that we are not in any danger of running out of inexpensive red meat….It can all stay in there. lol The top sirloin says it is normally $4.90 a lb!!!!

We also found organic Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. I think it is org. it is marketed by the Co. that all the other organics in the store are under. lol It was $9.32 a lb. I am not sure on all the different cuts of salmon but every time I see salmon in the Albertsons ad it is like $18.00. $6.00 for farmed which we won’t buy. Anyhow I bought 4.5 lbs.

I might go buy another 5 lb pack or two of Tyson Breast. I really don’t want to run out. I am waiting for Butterball Turkeys to go on sale. Albertsons regular turkeys are .39 cents a lb right now and this week they are selling butterball BOG1F. But they don’t say how much per lb. I shop there rarely as they are pretty out of the way. I was hoping butterball would go on sale soon at Stater Bros for .50 cents a lb.

S.B. had a bunch of frozen veggies on sale this week too so I stocked up on those as well.

So what are your grocery plans for the month? Do you shop weekly or monthly or every few days?

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