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Please Pray for me

My blood pressure has been on a roller coaster since my ex passed on. I am doing my best to try to get it down thru exercise and food. My Aunt recommended some vitamins and it seemed to be helping at first. She said Wonmen’s One a day, fish oil, vitamin e, a calcium supplement. I ran out of the womens one a day and then bought the new Centrum cholesterol with the phytosterols. This last week I have had trouble feeling lightheaded. I am scared. Hubby read up on phytosterols and how they may not be good at all. I quit taking them two days ago. In 4 days I have lost 3.5 pounds. I know you have to burn 3500 cals to lose 1 pound of fat. SO it had to of been water retention.

Okay good, got rid of that. Now I just need to get this blood pressure down and get rid of this lightheadedness. I had thought about going back to the Womens One a DAy that I had been using for a few weeks and seemed fine with but I noticed that one has phytosterols too. Just not as much. 100 instead of 400. Oh and by the way, that new centrum has 3333% of your daily Vitamin b-12!!!! WHy on earth would we need that much???

I am taking my hubby’s centrum right now, the old formula.

I would rather not have to have any vitamins what so ever. I do not want to go on meds though. And I was really hoping this would help. I don’t even want to go to the doctor. I have come along way these last few years on my weight loss journey, healthy eating, lots of exercise, and don’t understand why now that I am at a much MUCH lower weight I am having difficulty. STRESS?

I really don’t know what to do. Go to the doctor? Have him try to slam a bunch of pills down my throat? That may or may not help. That may or may not hurt me? Keep doing what I am doing and pray everything is okay soon?

I am tempted to go to the doc next week if I am not better by then. Please pray for me. 😦

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