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California Round Cake

Okay so I finally got around to making “The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever I used restraint. I waited for a birthday! lol I went to bed at 10:00 p.m. on 12-7-07 and I woke up at 2:00 a.m. having a nitemare. I laid there but couldn’t fall back asleep. So at 3:00 a.m. I got up, had a cup of coffee, and started making cake! If you want the recipe and step by step pictures, just click that link. It was fun and easy to make. I have a huge cookie sheet that is only 1 inch off of hers but I decided I wanted to make 2 round pans instead so I could put it on my cake stand. Next time I will probably do the cookie sheet. I chopped walnuts, but didn’t use them cause I was thinking they weren’t ground up fine enough and didn’t want dh to complain.

Now remember, I use all whole wheat. It was fun and very easy to make. The only problem was she recommends icing the cake when it is warm. Now that is probably a good idea if you are using a cookie sheet and leaving the cake in the pan. But I needed the two cake pans empty and the cake on a cake stand. Joey woke up, by then was it 5:00? I can’t remember. So he took the cakes out but one broke a little bit. Grrrrrr……It was very soft. So yes the 3rd picture looks terrible! But trust me the cake is excellent. He iced it and there was plenty left over and I put it in the fridge hoping it would firm up. It did.

It really did. It was the best chocolate whole wheat cake ever. Not wheaty tasting at all. I also added some cinnamon to it. We ate it later that nite straight from the fridge. I really did like this recipe and will use it again and again. All the kids loved it and Joey said it tasted like a chocolate fudge brownie. On her website in the comments section lots of people were saying that this cake is Texas Sheet Cake. I believe it. In my make a mix cookbook where it tells how to make a huge brownie mix up and all the recipes you can use from that base mix, texas sheet cake is listed. The recipe is different though.

So my point is if you are looking for an awesome chocolate cake that some people think taste like a brownie, that you can also use all whole wheat with, this may be the recipe for you. 🙂 Enjoy!

See the 4th picture? It doesn’t look so bad there once it was cut and it firmed up a bit. 🙂

What kind of cake do you make for birthdays?

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The Birthday Girl

So our youngest dd is 4 this month! Normally in the past we tried to keep birthday and x~mas presents at $50.00 each. This year money has opened up a bit more so I told the kids $100.00 each and that is it! That adds up quickly when you have 5 kids. Well her birthday falls in December so basically $200.00

Well back in late October or so Joey seen a Barbie Big Wheels car for her at Costco, $189.99. I checked the other stores and seen them for like $235.00-$250.00! I told him to get it as soon as he got off work! Good thing we did. A few days later there were no more and have not been in that store since!

But how to split that up between birthday and Christmas? lol We found a kitchen playset at Walmart for surprisingly only $38.00! We also wanted to get her some stuffed animals. SO we got her a bear rug for $15.00 and a pack of 7 bears for like $10.00 from Costco.

Well we celebrated last Saturday. Home made cake, 2 different kinds of ice cream, hot dogs, nachos and lots of nachos with nacho cheese sauce! Yeah I am glad all the food is gone. lol Here are some pics of her in her new ride. Oh and yes those are garage couches.

Yeah I know, now we are spending like $255.00! She wants a baby doll too. *sigh* Maybe she needs to write a letter to Santa cause I don’t want to go broke! lol What are you getting your kids for christmas?

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