How to Ask for a discount!

January 22, 2008 Jasmine
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This has worked for me many times. Whenever we rent a car, book a hotel, buy shoes at payless, buy auto parts even, we ask for a discount. Well I do anyhow, Joe will if he remembers or I remind him. lol

Most of the time I drop the AAA name. Now for the car stuff it was Napa and it wasn’t AAA. It was the fact that Joe used to work for General Motors. He doesn’t any more, now he works for the City.

I was reading a blog last week and the lady mentioned going to and buying gift certificates cheap and having a date night. We usually do this once a month, or once every other month, go out to a nice restaurant. Once a week we hit In & Out or the like but I don’t really count that. Restaurant review for Woody’s Cocky Bull to follow.

Anyhow last Thursday I read that post and even cruised by the rest. link she posted. None in my area. When my dh got home we were supposed to go to Costco and S&F but I decided that could wait and took him out somewhere we have been trying to go for a while but every time we go it is closed.

It is Woody’s Cocky Bull and is a western type place with a grand ole opry and all the trimmings, bear rugs on the wall, pool tables and a bar they can’t use cause they don’t have their liquor license yet. (Which is fine cause we rarely ever drink.)

They just reopened for buisness and I thought their prices were WAY too high for this establishment. I shut my mouth though cause he has really wanted to go for months and one night we stopped by they were closed. Another time they weren’t open til 4:00 and it was earlier and there was a movie we wanted to catch so the timing wouldn’t work out.

He wanted an appetizer too so we ordered one. We have been doing that lately. Now that our income has opened up a bit more I am not pinching the pennies so hard. lol
It would of been $6.99 for 1 appetizer or $10.00 for a plate with 3 appetizer’s so we figured lets get 3. Well wouldn’t you know they brought us out 3 DIFFERENT plates of food. haha(Not our pic)

One HUGE plate of chili cheese fries, 1 HUGE plate of fried chicken tenders, and 1 HUGE plate of onion rings. With no sauce. I had to ask, she forgot.

I had wanted steak but thought it was crazy paying $18.99 for a simple steak. Their porterhouse was $29.99! Now I know this is what nicer restaurant’s charge but if we are going to spend $50.00-$60.00 on a meal it had better be The Outback Steakhouse. I mean this place was empty. We were the first diners there and pretty much the ONLY diners. I even remember telling him that was crazy, about the steak. They must of over heard me cause the waitress ran over a few minutes later and told me “porterhouse” was on special. $19.99. So I went ahead and ordered it. *smirk*(Not our pic)

I did look at the burgers, but I had a hamburger at home that afternoon. Joey ordered the pork ribs. I was not at all impressed with the menus. No pictures whatsoever! If you haven’t noticed, I am all about the food pics. lol That usually seals the deal for me. Their sides were so boring and simple. Baked beans, corn bread. I could of stayed home and made this. Of course I could of stayed home and made an awesome steak with a baked potato, lots of butter and sour cream, fresh rolls, with even more butter, and a salad with ranch. Do yourself a favor, do NOT add up all the calories! haha

But this wasn’t about staying home. This was about having a nice evening out with my sweetie. Joey told them to hold the beans for me and substitute a baked potato, with lots of butter and sour cream.

Now I have to add this in. I was really freaked when small flies, like gnats came by our table and tried to steal the tomato off my plate! We called for the waitress and she moved us to another table across and they still followed us. We wound up moving to a complete other section. About 20 minutes we came, a group of 4 came in, looked at the menu and left. I am not surprised I would of left too if it weren’t for dh being so gung ho about this place.

A few more diners came in and stayed. This place was huge though. I do have to say the food was very good though. I got my porterhouse and cut off an 8 oz piece and put the rest on Joe’s plate. He gave me a few bites of his rib. Baby back ribs. The potato and salad were fine. The chili cheese fries were good, I had a few of those, the fried chicken pieces I had one of those it was good, you know what for some reason I remember there being french fries too. LOL Yes regular french fries AND chili cheese fries AND a bakes potato. I am thinking I changed my mind on the fries or the potato and they forgot and brought both.

The onion rings were REALLY good. I was sitting there thinking we should of just ordered an appetizer and a salad there was so much food. We wound up bringing alot of it home. The kids enjoyed that. I must say I was expecting to be disappointed by the cornbread. Corn bread is not normally my favorite. Usually it is to gritty tasting. But these were very light and fluffy. They were mini muffins and tasted great. I was sorry I hadn’t room for more than two.

When we were waiting for the lady to tally the bill my dh ran off to the bathroom and I asked her if we could get a discount cause the flies were harassing me. She said she really couldn’t cause she had made a mistake and given us 3 plates of appetizers instead of one plate of 3 appetizers. She did say if my dh was a cop or a fireman they could give us a 20% discount. We said no but he does work for the city in another area. They gave us the discount.

All in all we wound up spending $41.66 or so. We threw in a 15% tip and stayed to play 3 games of pool. It was actually alot of fun.

SO the point I was getting to was, ASK FOR A DISCOUNT!!!

Should I of called the health department? What would you do?

For even more tips check out Works For Me Wednesday

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  • 1. SAHMmy Says  |  January 23, 2008 at 6:44 am

    Great tip! I wouldn’t return to an establishment that wasn’t concerned about the flies for sure but probably wouldn’t bother with the health dept–word of mouth will sink them eventually or cause them to clean up their act! Another great way to score a discount: ask if they offer a discount for payment in cash! This has worked for us with numerous car repair shops and a couple furniture stores–they have to pay fees for credit card transactions and checks run the risk of bouncing–I usually get 10% off for paying with cold hard cash!

  • 2. Sonshine  |  January 23, 2008 at 7:01 am

    Great tip about asking for a discount.

    As for the flies, I wouldn’t report it but I definitely would be thinking twice about eating there again.

  • 3. jasmine  |  January 27, 2008 at 4:19 pm


    That is a good idea. It never hurts to ask! Yeah they were so empty I am sure they will be closed again soon.


    Yeah hopefully dh won’t want to go again! lol

    Thanx ladies for stopping by!

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