How to make Luisa’s Focaccia di Patate

January 31, 2008 Jasmine
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I tried a new recipe last night. What week is complete without trying some kind of new bread? I absolutely adore bread and pizza and any dish that looks like pizza is of immediate interest to me.

I tried this new recipe: Focaccia di Patate

I am not sure if she minds me reposting the recipe here so I will just let you go check it out for yourself if you are interested. This picture below is before I tossed them in the oven.


I have 4 pans that size and 5 kids and two adults that I was sure were going to want lots of it, so I made 4 of them. I was able to save and freeze 2 for another night even. I just remembered, I actually have 6 pans that size!

I really enjoyed making this. I have never tried anything with potatoes in it before. Any bread that is. My youngest dd even had fun helping me stir the dough for the focaccia. She is quite the little helper. She will be baking like a pro before you know it

I think it came out really soft and light. I like that. My dh liked it too but said it needed something in it, like cheese! I have gotten him hooked on Stromboli lately. lol I made Spinach w/ Mushroom Mannicoti last night as well. I think this bread was great but would of been better served with a nice hearty soup.

I absolutely love potato buns and was wondering how this dough would of turned out as buns.
Thanks to Luisa for sharing a wonderful recipe!

Have you ever made focaccia before? Would you like to try a piece?


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