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Hooray! We got the van!!!

Hooray! I am really excited!!! We have been working with the fleet guy for a few days at our local Toyota dealer to get financed. As some of you know we had some credit issues. He ran the stats for the 08 ce and we didn’t get approved by toyota finance. (I figured aim high and if we had to go lower then fine) They said the only way to go was with a certified used vehicle. I definately wouldn’t mind an 05 or an 06 but the 05’s out here were in the $19,000-$20,000 range and up!


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Update and ANNOYING news on the van!!!

Arrrggghhhhhh. Fleet guy talked to toyota motor corp and they said that they wanted to see him 1.5 years on the job. He only has 8 months. He was working for 2.5 years at a restaraunt in Mt, then came out here to be with me. Worked for 2 years at a place up here doing detail work, LOW pay and then he got hired on with a MUCH better job last july making almost twice what he was making. But no, they want to see longer on the job. Sad

That was the only problem they had. Credit was good enough, monthly amounts for us are fine etc.

The fleet guy said he is still waiting to hear back from the banks. Joe called him at 2:00 yesterday and he said he sent stuff over there at 12:00. By this evening he still hasnt heard back but maybe tomorrow.

He said toyota also said the amount was too much. Cause of time on the job. I told him we’d be willing to put $5,000 down total. When he asked originally we told him $3,000, cause you know they are always wanting to push you for more. He is not like that though. He was telling us he would try to get us in a less expensive vehicle. There are still the used 07’s on the lot. Two of them. The one we drove last night and the 8 seater which was getting prepped.


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Update and better news on the van situation!!!

Well I got fed up with the credit stuff and wound up in tears by lunch when the guy we just paid $2,300.00 to a week and a half ago said we couldn’t get a statement saying we didn’t owe any more til the 15th of March!

I was on the phone almost all day just basically getting the run around and then I found that one link I posted up above. About it may not make your credit any better.

Then a dealer I talked to the other day from down below, (60 miles away) was calling back to check up and see if we were still looking etc..

He was asking how our crdit was and I told him the truth of what I found, 569 for mine, 566 for Joes. And hes all they won’t let you walk away with a brand new van, blah, blah, blah, you’d need $10,000 down. You will be better off with a used certified vehicle. And I told him they have one there, an 07 with 32,400 miles he will sale me for $19,900 that IS certified. He almost didn’t believe me. Then he said that is a great price and if I can get it then do it, he would.



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I am getting a little frustrated with the van stuff….

…..basically we can get a brand new Toyota Sienna LE 08, 8 seater for $23,386. Msrp is $27,306, that is with qf extra value package #2. The invoice is $24886 and with $1,500 cash back incentive we are down to $23,386. Which is a GREAT price for brand new!!!

We have $5,000 to put down. But depending on interest rate we could be looking at $400.00-$500.00 or more in monthly payments? So I am looking for an 05 or 06. So far the dealers out here have 05’s with 40,000 miles plus on it and will cost $19,000-$20,000 and up! I have been checking true market value for and $16,000 is feasible.


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Menu Plan Monday!

This is my 4th time joining and I am enjoying it. I have still been sick this last week but at least the cold is a bit better but now my ear is all clogged up! That is driving me nuts. For more great idea check out Laura’s site: Organizing Junkie

Well last week was kind of crazy. Joey and I wound up going out for dinner three nites in a row. Valentines Day we went to the Outback Steakhouse and we missed our movie V~Day cause it took 2.5 hours waiting to get a table at Outback! So the next day we wanted to see the movie, I also went and got my hair done so I wanted to go out to eat again. We wound up going to the Mexican Restaraunt. It was called El Tio Pepe but was very similiar to La Casita.

Needless to say I am really watching the calories now.


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How to make Ground Beef Burritos!


Yeah it is simple. The simplest way to do it is to pick up some hamburger meat from the store, grab some flour tortillas, some shredded cheese, sour cream, and a bottle of your favorite salsa. But I sometimes go the extra mile and like to make our tortillas from scratch. I did this tonight using this recipe. I had some salsa in the refrigerator from the other night when I had made some. I browned the ground beef, drained it. Rolling the tortillas out takes a while. I made some extra dough for tomorrow.

Anyhow, warm the tortillas up, put some ground beef in, top with cheese, salsa and sour cream. If you are watching the calories like I am you can have 2 instead of 3 and skip the sour cream. Yum!!!

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I got my hair done!!!

It is the most adorable hair cut ever!!!

Okay so we went on the 15th and I told the lady I wanted it shoulder length and something different. We went thru some mags and she seen a hair cut and asked me what I thought. I was like, it looks fine. I was up for a change and even in mags you never know how something will look on YOU. I told her I would trust her judgment.

Worse case scenario I hate it and then it grows out. lol


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Valentines Day!

That is me in the car on V~Day.

…so we thought we would be smart and hit the Outback Steakhouse at 4:00 before everyone else did. WRONG. Joey wanted to stop by Target to get me something and once I seen the dismal array of chocolates I decided another trip to Costco to get their 2 lb chocolate certificate would be a good idea. All in all cool cause you spend $23.00 yet are entitled to $30.00 in chocolate.


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WFMW: Price book protector sheets.

I know most of you ladies are familiar with keeping a price book. They are very handy to keep track of sale prices at different grocery stores. Last year I was all proud of myself and typed up and even alphabetized my price book. The first “oops” was when I needed to have another item added to my price book and didn’t have a spot to put it, cause everything was alphabetized already.

The second big “oops” was when the prices sky rocketed in February. Remember that? All my hard work and writing everything down, useless within a few weeks. I got frustrated and pitched it.

But I really liked the concept of keeping one I just needed to tweak it so it would work better for me. I came up with an idea after my eldest dd kept bugging me for sheet protector’s for her notebooks.

My idea was to use loose leaf paper and make categories. Each page covers a category. Sometimes I need 3 or 4 pages for a category. Dairy, Meat, Canned Goods, etc. That way food items go into a category and I don’t have to worry about alphabetizing them only to add something later that was forgotten.

Next is get a 3 ring notebook and some plastic protectors sheets. I know it sounds silly but it actually works great. Once you have made the list up and added stores and lines with a ruler, stick the list inside the sheet and now you are ready to write your price ON TOP of the sheet. Make sure you use a dry erase marker. It works great. Need to wipe it off? Grab a rag.

So now when those stupid stores decide to change their prices on us yet again, we will be ready! For more tips check out Don’t Try It

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How to save money when buying Choice Beef

So last week we talked about getting better quality meat at Costco. I did check and yes indeed their beef is USDA Choice, not Select. Select is what most stores sale. Choice is a step up and is better quality. I went last Friday and decided to write down some prices. I was in a hurry and my pen wasn’t working too well but I think I did pretty well. It turns out it would be very economical to buy beef by the case there.


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