How to make a Great Porterhouse Steak

February 8, 2008 Jasmine

Yeah I know, sounds a bit silly but I couldn’t think of a better name. Well I mentioned the other day how to get filet mignon for $4.07 a lb. Click here. But now what do you do with it? When my best friend was up here we got out the bottle of worcestershire sauce and she chopped up about 5 cloves of garlic real fine and I can’t remember exactly but I think she said something about pressing the garlic. With the knife.


Basically you want to marinade the steak in worcestershire sauce and garlic. I did this again recently and took pictures. I got out a huge red rubbermaid container, glass would be great too but I have heard never use metal for marinading. I poured a bunch of the sauce in, threw a bunch of garlic on top, then got out the pepper blend. I ground some of that up and just kept flipping it every once in a while. I let that be while I chopped up onions and mushroom.

When she was here she said the best way to saute mushrooms is not in olive oil but in butter. I had real butter on hand. She said let these cook for a while. After a while she said it didn’t taste right. Did I have any margarine. lol Nope. For some reason I did have a bottle of butter powder in my cupboard. We normally don’t use it and usually I chuck stuff like that when it winds up here but I hadn’t. She added that and was happy. I think that has salt in it so maybe that is what it needed? Who knows.

We also saute’d some chopped onions. My dh then grilled these on the bbq to perfection! Serve with a baked potato, a salad, some rolls and enjoy. Don’t forget to add lots of butter and sourcream and pepper to your potato. Now is not the time to be on a diet. Now is the time to be celebrating cause you just made an awesome meal that would of cost you $30.00 PER PLATE at a Restaraunt!! That is not including drinks, taxes and tip. Since this is porterhouse, this also means that you get the best of both world’s, T ~ Bone on one side and nice tender filet mignon on the other. Enjoy!

For more frugal tips check out Biblical Womanhood.

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  • 1. Michelle  |  February 8, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    Yum! I look for this on sale!

  • 2. jasmine  |  February 8, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    I think it is on sale again at Stater’s right now. Thanx for stopping in!

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