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WFMW: Price book protector sheets.

I know most of you ladies are familiar with keeping a price book. They are very handy to keep track of sale prices at different grocery stores. Last year I was all proud of myself and typed up and even alphabetized my price book. The first “oops” was when I needed to have another item added to my price book and didn’t have a spot to put it, cause everything was alphabetized already.

The second big “oops” was when the prices sky rocketed in February. Remember that? All my hard work and writing everything down, useless within a few weeks. I got frustrated and pitched it.

But I really liked the concept of keeping one I just needed to tweak it so it would work better for me. I came up with an idea after my eldest dd kept bugging me for sheet protector’s for her notebooks.

My idea was to use loose leaf paper and make categories. Each page covers a category. Sometimes I need 3 or 4 pages for a category. Dairy, Meat, Canned Goods, etc. That way food items go into a category and I don’t have to worry about alphabetizing them only to add something later that was forgotten.

Next is get a 3 ring notebook and some plastic protectors sheets. I know it sounds silly but it actually works great. Once you have made the list up and added stores and lines with a ruler, stick the list inside the sheet and now you are ready to write your price ON TOP of the sheet. Make sure you use a dry erase marker. It works great. Need to wipe it off? Grab a rag.

So now when those stupid stores decide to change their prices on us yet again, we will be ready! For more tips check out Don’t Try It

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