I am getting a little frustrated with the van stuff….

February 23, 2008 Jasmine

…..basically we can get a brand new Toyota Sienna LE 08, 8 seater for $23,386. Msrp is $27,306, that is with qf extra value package #2. The invoice is $24886 and with $1,500 cash back incentive we are down to $23,386. Which is a GREAT price for brand new!!!

We have $5,000 to put down. But depending on interest rate we could be looking at $400.00-$500.00 or more in monthly payments? So I am looking for an 05 or 06. So far the dealers out here have 05’s with 40,000 miles plus on it and will cost $19,000-$20,000 and up! I have been checking true market value for edmunds.com and $16,000 is feasible.

How can you charge $20,000 for a van that is 3 years old and 46,000 miles and I can get a brand new for just a little more! And I know all the different vans, ce, le, xle, xle limited etc. The 05’s I am asking about are not some super deluxe package, just the step above basic which is the le!

Why on earth would I want to pay $20,000 to get a 3 year old van when I can get a brand new one for just a little more. I am getting so frustrated. I really want $300.00 payments. I really don’t want to go out on a limb and be paying $500.00 a month. I have places to go and things to do with the hubby and kids.

I have talked to 4 different dealerships today. Arrrggghhhh!!! SO far the best place is the one up here near our house. They are offering the 08 for $23,386. They did offer us a used 07 sienna le for $19,900(regular price $23,460). That one has 32,000 miles on it. That is also a really good deal. Edmunds TMV is clocking that 07 at $20,992 certified or $19,727 NOT certified. Well earlier on their website they were saying certified, now it doesn’t. But either way it is a good deal.

And now the 05 is saying certified and it wasn’t earlier. These people are driving me insane. There also was only one 07? earlier today and now there are two. The other one says “certified”.

Funny how all these other places want $20,000 for an 05!! And that WAS their “special”. I told them I can pay $3,000 more and get a brand new van! Heck, I can pay that price and get an 07!!! Even the place up here with the better prices they too still wanted $18,900 for their 05!!! It has 46,000 miles on it too! I can pay $1,000 more for 2 years newer and 10,000 miles less. They originally wanted $21,650 for their 05 and lowered it to $18,900. The guy is like well it has alloy wheels and a dvd entertainment system. I could care less. And I know that ups the value a little bit but I really don’t care. Edmunds is saying True Market Value is about $18,220 for that vehicle.

That 07 does sound tempting. But then I still think for $3,000 more I can get a brand new 08 with no miles on it. The 07 is when the van changed engines so those are the same. BUT 08 is when they went and made a bunch of safety equipment standard. So basically if I were to take that same 07 and add what the 08 has on it I would probably be losing money(by having a used vehicle with 30,000 miles on it) Arrgghhh!!!

I just looked. The silver one is saying certified but the link won’t go straight there. SO $19,900 and tmv is quoting $20,992.


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  • 1. Pam  |  February 25, 2008 at 9:35 am

    How frustrating! I am never going into debt again, so I say to save up and pay cash. We had a Toyota Sienna, and we realized the payments were too much for us. We owed more than it was worth, so we had to cough up the difference to sell it and get out of the loan. We went with only one car for the next 9 months until we had gotten our heads above water and had the cash to buy a second car. That was all very painful. I love Toyotas and had always wanted a minivan, so it was my dream car. I had to give up my freedom for 9 months too, but it was worth it all because it allowed us to get traction on the other debt. Just my opinion! 😉

  • 2. jasmine  |  February 25, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Pam that is great you two were able to do that. We have 5 kids so a van is a must. I have gone without a van since June of 06! Almost two years. Then later that year we didn’t have a car at all for about 6 months. lol

    But God was faithful and riding the bus every day opened up a job lead and dh got a much better job last July 07. Things are going well on the income front and last year I got a settlement from an old job I used to work at. $4,000. I bought our refrigerator we needed and lawn mower, edger, just some extras for around here and that took up $1,800.00.

    We were trying to save $2,200.00 to put with our tax money toward a van and guess who got sued? Yep me. $2,200.00. Basically after the divorce with my ex my credit was a mess. So now we are back to $5,000

    Believe me I would love to take that money and just buy a van out right. But everything we have seen is stolen, or trannys gone or wont run. lol I kid you not!

    I have had a dodge and a chevy van before and there is a reason they dont fare well in the consumer reports.

    I was actually thinking of maybe just waiting a month and cleaning my credit up more and have been on the phone all morning doing that. Then I find this:

    When Paying Bills Can Hurt Your Credit

    So now it looks like I could spend all kinds of money for nothing. Ya know? We are praying and trying to figure out what to do. We really NEED a van.

    I know what you mean about owing more that is why I am really working on slamming down the price but still if you throw a big interest rate in there you lose on that. 😦

    What year did you have? Good to see you.

  • 3. Kirstin  |  February 25, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    I am convinced that car places just want to make it difficult for us to buy new vehicles. I would love a newer, larger, not many miles vehicle (my dream is a Toyota Sequoia)but they are just out of our price range. And any used sequioas are still $20,000 and above or else have over 100,000 miles on them. Ughhh!

    Praying you find the perfect vehicle for your family…have you checked on Craigslist?

  • 4. jasmine  |  February 26, 2008 at 12:08 am

    Thank you Kirstin. No I haven’t checked there. The green sheet doesn’t even come up here. lol I have been checking online and the way our 85 mercury Marquis is, it runs okay up here but wouldn’t make it “down the hill” and back. We sit at $4,500 feet. lol

    So we would have to rent a car to go look at a car!

    The sequoia’s are nice. I LOVED the Toyota Highlanders! Mainly cause of the ratings. But not big enough. I really like the Pilot as well and I know someone who has one, 8 seats and all but the kids have to climb over. Then I tell myself how do I think the 8 seater sienna is going to be?

    lol but we don’t “need” an suv. Or the extra gas mileage that comes with it and the sienna has more space.

    If you ever do get close to getting a sequoia, check carsdirect.com. They always have the best prices and show all the incentives. Then call a few dealers in your area and see how close they can match that price.

    That is what I did. the msrp on the 08 is $27,306. Invoice is $24,886 and with cash back of $1,500 from manufacturer it is $23,386.

    Thanks for stopping in and I posted a new update! Thank you for your prayers! Keep them coming!

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