Update and better news on the van situation!!!

February 25, 2008 Jasmine

Well I got fed up with the credit stuff and wound up in tears by lunch when the guy we just paid $2,300.00 to a week and a half ago said we couldn’t get a statement saying we didn’t owe any more til the 15th of March!

I was on the phone almost all day just basically getting the run around and then I found that one link I posted up above. About it may not make your credit any better.

Then a dealer I talked to the other day from down below, (60 miles away) was calling back to check up and see if we were still looking etc..

He was asking how our crdit was and I told him the truth of what I found, 569 for mine, 566 for Joes. And hes all they won’t let you walk away with a brand new van, blah, blah, blah, you’d need $10,000 down. You will be better off with a used certified vehicle. And I told him they have one there, an 07 with 32,400 miles he will sale me for $19,900 that IS certified. He almost didn’t believe me. Then he said that is a great price and if I can get it then do it, he would.


I clocked it with edmunds tmv and even they were saying $20,900.

What really sent me to was when I looked on their website it said they had a similiar one to that one BUT it has 8 seats! Which is what we really want. Same original “asking price” so i was hoping they would go down to the same price.

What I also really liked about Scott on the phone was he was not pushy at all, not asking all kinds of questions. He matched gave me low prices on the 07 and 08 once I told him carsdirect was quoting such and such. And was like here is my number, call me if you want an apt. By the way he is the fleet manager.

That was Friday.

Same way in person and like I told Joe i dont think the credit is going to make that much of a difference and we just need to go. Maybe we do need to wait a few months but let him tell us that.

I was really scared about being “laughed” out of there cause of our score. I even had a replacement vehicle in mind. A Ford Freestar with 32,000 miles, 2006, for $12,000, which is exactly what edmunds is clocking it at. LAST YEARS rating book said just average for the 2005 van. I figured it shouldn’t be much different for the 06 but just in case we stopped by the book store first and got the new 08 book which rates thru 2006. Probably some of the best $11.00 I ever spent. It was ALL black!!! The total rating was ALL BLACK for the 2006!!!!

SO I told Joe, its an 07 or 08 or we go home with nothing and back to the drawing board.

I told him we already have our price hammered down, so if the apr is 16%, I would probably go for it. nothing higher than that.

Test drive for the 07, 7 seater went fine of course. We get back and I admitted, our credit is bad and it all depends on what kind of apr we can get. He said well we’ll never know unless we run it. SAME thing I said earlier to Joe. lol We did ask him before hand that we were thinking if we can’t do it to wait a while and come back in a few months and he said we’ll see.

Imagine my surprise when Joe’s came back 650 from one agency and 636 from another!!! PTL!! Yeah!!! Mine was 550. Yikes!

He said Joe’s wasn’t too bad. Not good enough to get the 2.9% financing(that would be in lieu of the $1,500.00 rebate) but good enough to get financed. He asked what we were looking to put down. I said $3,000(even though we got $5,000, I figured we need to keep an ace in the hole. )

He popped out 12.95%!! WOW!!! I was trying so hard not to be excited and Joe was poker face the whole time! hahahahahha

12.95% and $379.00 a month for 6 years. That is on the $19,900 07, 7 seater. Oh by the way the 07 8 seater wasn’t ready to look at yet, its on “hold”. He said that interest rate is thru toyota and we asked if he can get anything lower. He said he may be able to and will check tomorrow! I asked him how much an 08 Ce would be. That is the base model, a step under the le but really not much difference. I will have to go look on the website again and see exactly what but it would have the full 3 year warranty where as this one is on its last leg. 4,000 miles left.

ALso on the 08’s there is upgraded safety equipment that is standard now and wasn’t on the 07’s. I’d have to look again and see exactly what. But worth the $40.00 more a month IMO to have a newer van, no miles, 3 years of a warranty and the updated standard safety equipment. I know the Ce’s don’t have the tinted windows.

Anyhow he will call us tomorrow. I already showed him proof of income and he just needs recent check stubs from Joe, February not January. I am really psyched!!!!

And I love how after he ran our report he said, okay which one do you want. That is exactly what I wanted to do, go in there with prices already hammered down and see what the apr was and then decide which one we wanted.

The price he said on the ce is he would give us $200.00 over invoice and then take off the $1,500.00 cash back. The price for the 08 ce is after discounts, $22,068. The 08 would be $23,368, so $1,300 more. I need to go run some numbers and maybe we can get the le 08!!!!

I am really praying that he can get us a lower interest rate on the vans tomorrow!


I know when you run checks for credit all around one time it counts basically like 1 inquiry so maybe now is the time to check around tomorrow!

Do you all think he is probably basing the interest rate off of Joes and disregarding mine?


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. gypsy  |  February 27, 2008 at 1:38 am

    I’m sending positive vibes your way! Hope it works out.

  • 2. jasmine  |  February 27, 2008 at 7:53 am

    Thanx. I updated in my blog. *sigh* We’ll see what happens today. I really hope we can get approved with at least that one apr with a good price for that 07 8 seater. 8 seaters are a little harder to find.

    If that don’t work my next bet is an 06 sienna on another lot. They are asking $17,500 and it is clocking at $16,600.00. SO if we could talk them down that much. It does have 56,800 miles on it though! 😦

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