Update and ANNOYING news on the van!!!

February 27, 2008 Jasmine

Arrrggghhhhhh. Fleet guy talked to toyota motor corp and they said that they wanted to see him 1.5 years on the job. He only has 8 months. He was working for 2.5 years at a restaraunt in Mt, then came out here to be with me. Worked for 2 years at a place up here doing detail work, LOW pay and then he got hired on with a MUCH better job last july making almost twice what he was making. But no, they want to see longer on the job. Sad

That was the only problem they had. Credit was good enough, monthly amounts for us are fine etc.

The fleet guy said he is still waiting to hear back from the banks. Joe called him at 2:00 yesterday and he said he sent stuff over there at 12:00. By this evening he still hasnt heard back but maybe tomorrow.

He said toyota also said the amount was too much. Cause of time on the job. I told him we’d be willing to put $5,000 down total. When he asked originally we told him $3,000, cause you know they are always wanting to push you for more. He is not like that though. He was telling us he would try to get us in a less expensive vehicle. There are still the used 07’s on the lot. Two of them. The one we drove last night and the 8 seater which was getting prepped.

Him and I didnt agree on a price on the 8 seater yet, just the 7 seater and they are same year, actually same original asking price, just different color and one is 7 seats , one is 8 seats.

I think they are asking like $23,340 for the 7 seater and he told me $19,900. Now that 7 seater is certified which actually tacks on about an extra $1,000 or so. Like I said before edmunds is clocking it at being worth $20,900.

What irks me though is it is only $4,000 difference from the 08s with no miles on them. And it is a lesser package. By the time you would be done comparing apples to apples and adding everything that is now standard on the 08 that isnt on the 07, safety stuff and what not and factor in 32,400 miles the 07 would probably be costing us more. KWIM?

But I am not going to get wound up in that. I reminded myself tonight that I would of been surprised if they did let us walk away with an 08 but why shoot yourself in the foot and go for a crappy 03 van on another lot with 100,000 miles and possibly tranny trouble? I figured aim high and see where we land. lol

But Monday night did get my hopes up.

The 07’s are really good prices and remember the other dealerships are trying to give us 05’s for that price! lol

So if the 8 seater is certified as well and he gives us the $19,900 price I am okay with that. Even not being cert its still clocking at worth 19,900 and that would still be great but i would be irritated cause the 7 seater is certified and I would feel like we are getting no warranty then for the same price. KWIM? We really want the 8 seater but I remind myself God is in charge and we have asked him to help us get the vehicle we need. One that will be reliable and affordable.

I am also worried if toyota finance cant finance us, then another bank can, how much apr are we looking at once again? Higher?

Well we will find out tomorrow I guess. One thing I am glad about is that we are taking our time and so is he. Alot of sales people want the sale so they “preapprove you” and give you the car and send you on your way and THEN see if they can finance you the next day. I have heard some people being called to come in and sign a new contract with a HIGHER rate!!

So I am really anxious but I would rather he find a place for sure and we agree on apr/ etc and then take it home.

He told Joe tonight, “We CAN get you in a vehicle, it is just a matter of which one and I am going to try to lower the price on one so we can.”

He said that the 8 seater is finished. SO we are hoping we can maybe get approved for that . I was looking on an online calculator and with the 12.95 he quoted the other day for the $19,900 7 seater van we would have 6 years of $336.00. That is not bad. The 08 le would of been $80.00 more. (But worth it IMO)

I am tired. This is exactly why I was thinking maybe we just need to wait a few months for our credit score to go up. *sigh*

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  • 1. Pam  |  February 27, 2008 at 8:49 am

    You are one tough cookie!!! I hate buying cars. It is like playing a game with the salesman.

  • 2. jasmine  |  February 27, 2008 at 11:33 am

    Yeah that is why I got my pricing out of the way before I even left the house. lol We agreed on an 08 LE price and on a used 07 price(the 7 seater) but the 08 8 seater I didn’t even see online til later and we talked about it at the dealership but didn’t agree on a price. (Cause we were aiming for an 08) Oh and he said it wasn’t done being finished. We agreed at the dealer on a price on an 08 CE and that is what he ran by toyota to see if they would finance.

    He seems honest and he is the fleet manager so he is not like one of the sales people who have to be pushy and beat you down for every penny. lol

    i am praying he can give us a great deal on the 8 seater, cause it is essentially the same as the 7 seater except it has 1 more seat!

    I am patiently waiting over here. They have a Ford 06 van on the lot and originally wanted $16,000, but now online asking for $12,000. I looked up true market value(tmv) and it is clocking at $12,000. I had my last years consumer reports ratings book and the 05 was rating “average” Not great, but if that is all we can do then I would. I picked up the new 08 book on the way to the dealership and the 06’s are clocking MUCH WORSE THAN AVERAGE!!!

    NOPE! Took that off my list.

    Last year we were looking for a van for around $4,000 and found one stolen 93 previa, I kid you not! One 94 with tranny problems and like 200,000 miles, and another van, different brand that wouldnt even start! hahahahah

    On a small lot recently we test drove a Honda 03, but it already has 100,000 miles on it. TMV clocked it at being worth $12,134 or so and their special price was $12,000. BUT it had leather seats and power sliding doors, “nice” but I would rather not have the extra stuff and just have lower miles.

    The real clincher was when I got home, the ratings book was clocking it better than average BUT tranny trouble for that year and the years previous! I went online to the honda forum and there is a 24 page thread about people replacing 2 trannys even by 130,000 miles.

    No thanx!

    I just wish there was more decent stuff out here to buy that is in the $5,000 private party range.

    “If there was” I would have the option to make that van last all year and get our credit up, by next year Joe would have 1.5 years on the job and we could take next years income tax and get the van we really want. At a much better interest rate.

    Maybe we could even sell the old van and put that towards it too. Or toward getting Joe a small truck.

    There just isn’t much out here. I looked at private party ads and they have some 00’s and 02’s down the hill for like 6900, but that is more than we have. AND we would have to rent a car just to go look. lol Our car won’t make it that far. Well up and down the mountain that is.


    I am praying for some great news today! The kids have spring break off in April and Joe has 3 days off every week so we could go camping!

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