Hooray! We got the van!!!

February 28, 2008 Jasmine

Hooray! I am really excited!!! We have been working with the fleet guy for a few days at our local Toyota dealer to get financed. As some of you know we had some credit issues. He ran the stats for the 08 ce and we didn’t get approved by toyota finance. (I figured aim high and if we had to go lower then fine) They said the only way to go was with a certified used vehicle. I definately wouldn’t mind an 05 or an 06 but the 05’s out here were in the $19,000-$20,000 range and up!

The only 05 they had on the lot was an le with package #8 with 46,355 miles and they wanted $21,650. He said he would lower it to $18,900 for us. Dvd player, alloy wheels which is nice but I would rather get less miles, lower price, etc. Their 07 7 seater they wanted $23,460 and he said they could do it for $19,900. That one was the le but no package. The 07 le 8 seater(which is what we really wanted, 8 seats and what we purchased) they wanted $23,635. He sold it to us for $20,495 with certification. This has le package #1 on it.

The only bank that would approve us for anything at first was wanting 18% and would approve a loan for $15,000. We had $5,000 to put down and I told my dh I realize we are looking at a higher interest rate but that is too high and I would rather not. The fleet guy said he he thought so too and was trying to see what he could do. He said he talked to his boss to see if she could get on the phone with Toyota finance to see if she could push it through for us.

Edmunds tmv is clocking it at being worth $21,471 certified and with 31,352 miles on it. He sold it to us for $20,495(before any more add ons). SO I feel I did good. (I know the 08’s are cheap with rebates etc right now but for us that wasn’t an option. When I was on the phone with him originally he quoted me $23,386 for an 08 le with ev pack#2) He probably got it back with the extended warranty. He tried hitting us up for $1800.00 for the full wrap platinum plan. He told us the only way they could get it approved was by getting an extended warranty. I know its probably a bunch of jive but unless we wanted to go to another dealership and get an 03 honda odyssey for $12,000 with 100,000 miles and a history of tranny problems, or an 04 ody with 45,000 miles for $17,900 etc.

When we got to the finance guy they were already trying to push the gap coverage. I told the sales guy we would get it thru AAA. Of course the finance guy told us that AAA doesn’t sell it. I told him we would get it somewhere else. He asked where? I said, “I don’t know I’ll call around.” He said not many places sell it etc. lol Yeah, you all know the drill. He said after we are more even in the loan we can discontinue it.

He told us he would cut us a break on the warranty plan. (You know the warranty plan that was pretty much required. wink.gif Lowered it to $1,400. (It is the platinum best plan they have and 0 deductible) I can see it from a lenders point of view, they want to make sure you are paying payments and not repair bills etc. I am glad we got it but wondering if I had more time to consider it if I could of found a better deal, etc on the warranty.

I asked him how much the car alarm is and he was telling us how worthless low jack is in the desert. He said the normal price for the karr alarm is $1,295.00. It cost Toyota $225.00 but would give it to us for $300.00. I thought that sounded really good. Joe used to work in detail at a GM dealership and he was thinking about $1,000.00. So I felt really good about that.

We did get 11.25%. Hooray!!!!

All in all I am very happy with the deal. I was a bit sad about the 08’s but very happy to get an 07. Joe said he seen the same thing at the GM dealership, people upset cause for just “a little more” they could have a brand new but didn’t meet whatever requirements. I am not going to sweat it.

I LOVE this van! This one is white and is very nice looking. White is my favorite color, car wise, well I do love the light blue 08’s but this would definately be my 2nd choice. It has power sliding right door, (the left door just slides) cd changer, tinted windows, side curtain airbags, front airbags, the middle windows roll down and the back ones pop out, power windows, power door locks, and rear door electronic locking system, HomeLink & reg; [14] universal transceiver and overhead multi-information display.

The kids were so excited when we got home and seen we had a van! Everyone jumped in and we went out for pizza and games to celebrate. We might head out to the drive in this weekend. It was reading 20.0 mpg average.

I will post some pictures tomorrow.


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  • 1. Pam  |  February 29, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    I’m glad you finally have closure on this quest! I don’t know how you kept all those numbers straight.

  • 2. jasmine  |  March 1, 2008 at 7:49 am

    Thanx so much for your advice and support! Yeah I am very precise when it comes to numbers. lol I updated with pictures!

  • 3. Dangerously Delicious Rec&hellip  |  April 7, 2008 at 10:46 am

    […] it has been a month! We have been super busy. Bought a new van Feb. 28th and discussed it here and here. I have also been spending some of my extra time window shopping houses. Click here to see one […]

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