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This is one of my favourite areas…


…in the more feasible pricing zone that is. This price is still a bit out of the reach right now but I want to watch that area and see how much further it comes down. There are alot of areas out here in the $200,000 – $300,000 zone and some beautiful homes but in the end it is all going to come down to which neighborhoods are staying nice and which aren’t. (Obviously of course what we can afford in a few years but like I said prices are falling). Some of the neighborhoods are showing wear already.


7 comments March 27, 2008

Another two story selling for 1/2

moon valley

…a 4 Bed, 2.5 Bath 1,619 Sq. Ft for $179,900 built in 2005. I checked yahoo home values and it says this home last sold Date:04/06/2006, Last Sold Price:$335,000!!, Tax assessed value: $341,599. The house looks nice and the yard is actually still green. But….what we are focusing on more than price right now is the areas. These prices are falling fast up here and in a year or two when we actually go to buy we will then see what we are looking at. By then prices will be less, much less.


2 comments March 26, 2008

Simply Amazing….


…..So as I am keeping an eye on this week I came across this gem… a 6 bedroom/3 bath home built in 2005. I checked yahoo home values and it says this home last sold in January of 2007 for $405.000. I understand the bubble and all that and the market at the time but what I don’t understand is how it was accessed for taxes at $235,000. Usually from what I am finding the tax accessment is about $7,000 more.

This is a two story and has 2171 sf. Guess what it is currently selling for? $129,000!!!! Now this listing is brokered by: Pacific Auction Exchange West. So I don’t know if they will be auctioning off this property and this is the starting bid or what. That is the lowest price on a newer 2 story home I have seen in these two towns.


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A house with a tower….

tower 1

…okay so out of the thousands of beautiful new homes up here, I know I havent seen them all, but these are some we happened by yesterday and thought were really unique and cute. Of course they are $359,000 and up! lol One can dream! I LOVE the tower on the one story but the 2 storys are only $10,000 more and you get 300-400 more sf.


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Window Shopping for houses

Well it looks like the housing market is falling. HARD. From what I hear 2 years will be the best time to buy. By then the prices will have hit bottom. Then it will be time to buy. So I am starting my research now. There are already houses in my immediate area as in just a block or two away that are in our payment range. By the time 2 years is up houses in even better areas will be more affordable as well.


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Hey Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been posting any yummy recipes lately. For a while I was too busy to cook anything new and exciting, then I was too stressed, then I got busy again, got all focused on the van shopping stuff. Right now I am actually feeling fat. Yeah i got weight left to lose and have lost my fair share these past 2.5 years but I would like to lose more and every month it is just a battle. I know WHAT I need to do and have no problem exercising. I love to walk every day.

But lately I just can’t seem to push myself away from the table, or eating junk. I think it is this stupid anti anxiety pill. I tried being off it for a month and a half and that was really bad. So I started taking it again and am feeling better but along with that I just feel like I can’t stop eating.

If nothing else I have gained but a few pounds but you know how even a few feels like 50. lol

I am trying to convince myself, hey just lose another 10 lbs! Then take a break. We’ll see.

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“I’m it!!” I have been tagged!

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Anyone planning any summer trips?

We MAY be going to vegas in April to see my older half brother Johnny. He lives in Germany and him and my older bro Sam have stayed in touch over the years but we haven’t. We met for a few weeks the summer I was 15 at my parents house. We got along but didn’t really have too much in common. When I moved up here 7-8 years ago I sent him a letter and didn’t hear back for 2 years! lol He did apoligize and I wrote him back a letter and forgot to mail it. He has a sister, which is Sam’s and my half sister Candy. Her and I used to keep in touch for a few years but after a while we fell out of contact.


4 comments March 9, 2008

How to get Irs rebate for everyone!

Has anyone else heard about this? I have heard that everyone who files for income taxes this year for last year will automatically be receiving a rebate in May. Up to $600.00
for adults, $300.00 for each kid you have! May Rebate

After buying this van I really need to pad my savings account again! lol Joey also wants to get a pool table. What will you spend yours on?

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