How to know when You Can expect your stimulus check!

April 9, 2008 Jasmine

When Can You Expect Your Economic Stimulus Check?

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April 15th is just three weeks away, meaning most of you have just a few weeks to file your Federal tax returns.

But this year there’s another reason to get that 1040 filed. You need to file a tax return in order to receive your federal stimulus check, which can range from $300 to $1200.

The IRS says those checks will be on their way beginning at the beginning of May, and the date you’ll receive it depends on your Social Security number, and how you filed. If you included bank account information in your Federal file, you’ll receive direct deposit. If you did not, you’ll receive a paper check. Here’s when you can expect your rebate to be sent, according to the IRS:

DIRECT DEPOSIT (According to Last Two Digits of Social Security Number)

00 through 20 May 2
21 through 75 May 9
76 through 99 May 16

PAPER CHECK (According to Last Two Digits of Social Security Number)

00 through 09 May 16
10 through 18 May 23
19 through 25 May 30
26 through 38 June 6
39 through 51 June 13
52 through 63 June 20
64 through 75 June 27
76 through 87 July 4
88 through 99 July 11

The IRS also says one common misconception is that if you don’t make enough money to file a tax return, you won’t receive a stimulus rebate check. That’s not necessarily the case. If you want to be sure you’ll receive your check, you can file a 1040A form, filled out with just basic information. Without filing a return, you will not receive your check.

A calculator to determine how much your rebate will be, when you will receive it, and answers to frequently asked questions can be found linked to below.

Well looks like we may get ours on the second! Hooray!

Economic Stimulus Payment Calculator

Looks like we will get $2,100!!!


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Nic  |  April 9, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    That’s nice!

  • 2. Pam  |  April 9, 2008 at 8:15 pm

    Yippee! Ours should come May 9. We hope my husband finds a job soon, but if not, that really help us out!

  • 3. jasmine  |  April 10, 2008 at 6:40 am

    Hi Nic! Yeah I know you are in the Netherlands so you don’t get one. 😦

    Hi Pam,

    I am glad this will help you out! I will keep praying!!

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