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How to make Pepperoni Pizza


Well there are many ways to make it. I have tried quite a few recipes over the past year. Mostly whole wheat. Somehow I have gotten addicted to the bread flour stromboli dough though. It is so simple and so versatile. I have made Stromboli, my own version of beef chimichangas and we make pizza with this as well. It never fails to deliver a simply awesome tasting food.


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Chocolate Cupcakes!


I used the texas sheet cake recipe for the cake part and used a butter/confectioners sugar recipe similiar to this for the frosting. I added pink and blue icing coloring for the icing and added some cocoa for the chocolate. I have tried two different recipes for the frosting and I must say that I am about ready to give up.


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Why is my husband so skinny?


Yeah I know, it is simple math. Calories in, calories out. But he is amazing! He is 5’11 or so and is 150 pounds soaking wet. That man can put away food like no tomorrow. Sometimes when people meet him for the first time they say, “Man, you need to eat!!”

That last happened just Friday. The pictures on this blog were taken from two separate occasions.


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Robbery led to taxi crash that killed 2 teens


….I heard on the radio out in L.A., two girls catch a cab and want to go to some apt. complex, it is a robbery set up. They are both 17, their bf’s are waiting for them. The cabbie realizes this, taked off the girls pull out guns and start stabbing him with box cutters. He gets the car crashed. They get ejected from the vehicle and die. The cabbie is okay. They are charging the boys with murder and it turns out one of the girls was pregnant too so it is now a triple murder.



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How to know when You Can expect your stimulus check!

When Can You Expect Your Economic Stimulus Check?

Click here

April 15th is just three weeks away, meaning most of you have just a few weeks to file your Federal tax returns.

But this year there’s another reason to get that 1040 filed. You need to file a tax return in order to receive your federal stimulus check, which can range from $300 to $1200.


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I actually made something today!

Okay so I make something every day or almost every day but the last 2 months have been strange. Busy with the kids for 2 weeks and before that the van.

Today I felt alot better and actually got a bunch of baking done. SOmething I haven’t done for a while. Well I have made a loaf of bread here or there but I didn’t really have my heart in it.  I will tell you what I made in the next post. Stay tuned!

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This house is neat!!


This has been a favorite of mine since I moved up here. It is actually off a main highway so we see it whenever we are on our way out of the area. I love yellow houses. I also love houses that don’t look like everyone elses house plus I believe this is a victorian. Lots of style and character! Imagine my surprise when I seen it for sale!

They want $1,500,000!!!


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One of my most favorite houses

tower home

Okay so last week I showed you the picture of one of the models of the kaufman and broad homes up here. I call it a castle home because it has a cute little tower. Link is here.

Well this week one of the kaufman homes is for sale but this is a different model. I really like it. $279,000, 5 Bed, 3 Bath, 2,992 Sq. Ft.


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Menu Plan Monday ~ April 7th


Hello Everyone. I know I have not menu planned anything in a few weeks. I think it has been a month! We have been super busy. Bought a new van Feb. 28th and discussed it here and here. I have also been spending some of my extra time window shopping houses. Click here to see one really great deal on a 5 bedroom or just scroll down the front page to view others. The kids were also off for 2 weeks! But I survived. 😉


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A HUGE new pet peeve of mine…

2 story

…is people not watering their grass! This has bugged me ever since I have been window shopping at houses and am veering off main corridors and actually going down the streets to see what is there. Now yes I do realize sometimes people have moved out and are NOT living there. That is understandable. But that is not always the case up here. There are plenty of people living up here, cars parked in the driveway, toys on the porch the whole shebang and yellow, dead grass!


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