Super easy spaghetti dinner..

June 10, 2008 Jasmine

…..mmmmm…Now for something even more delicious I would recommend this recipe:

Super Chunky Spaghetti Sauce

But for nights you are short on time nothing beats quick and simple. I usually wait for the Hunts Chunky vegetable sauce to go on sale. It used to go on sale for $1.00 but now just $1.25. What I also like about this is it has 50 calories per serving, half a cup. Alot of sauces are 100 calories per serving.

I always measure out my noodles. I sat there one time and counted out exactly how many noodles were in the bag so I would know what 2 oz’s was. 70 noodles is 2 oz’s. I usually double that and the sauce and it comes out to 500 calories. Toss in a small salad with a little bit of ranch dressing and you have a nice dinner. If I remember right 2 tbs of dressing is 60 calories.
But beware of the sausages! I looked on the package and they are 160 a pop!!

Can you tell these are pictures of my husbands plate? LOL

Oh and by the way I took these pictures with my new camera on the food setting and I think they look superb!! Or maybe it is just me and the fact that I just spent $200.00 on this camera! haha Enjoy.

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  • 1. Nic  |  June 10, 2008 at 8:30 am

    Isn’t it easier just to weigh it? I always weigh my pasta on a kitchen scale (but then again, here in Europe alot more things are weight-based, as opposed to cups and such)
    I agree that the food looks a lot better with the new camera! (If at all possible ;-))

  • 2. jasmine  |  June 11, 2008 at 6:08 am

    I had a $6.00 scale and it broke on me. 😦 Maybe I should just get a really good one cause I measure my food about 90% of the time.

    The food does look better, wait until you see my baking from yesterday!

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