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Hawaiin Pineapple Cake

…Okay so my aunt was having her 50th birthday party yesterday. Hula dancers, hawaiin theme, the whole works. I called my other aunt to offer up some cupcakes but, my birthday aunt, her sons girlfriend, was already in charge of the cupcakes. So she asked if I’d like to do the cake instead?


11 comments July 27, 2008

Cupcake photoshoot….

I think these ones are adorable.

….so yesterday after having only 4 hours sleep the previous night I deiced to bake & frost 30 cupcakes and do a photo shoot. I got tired about half way in and decided to take a nap but with 5 kids running amuck I knew better than to even try. lol

I like the 16:9 camera option but not so much for cupcakes.


6 comments July 16, 2008

Everyone loves the sugar cookies!!

Strangely enough we are selling equal amounts of these as we are chocolate chip cookies! I never thought I’d say that. lol The week of 4th of July I had wanted to do sugar cookies because I thought they would be cute to sprinkle and decorate for 4th of July.

So I found a really good recipe in one of my cookbooks and we sent a few $2.00 boxes out along with the chocolate cookie boxes but none sold. I was kind of sad. They were really good. I was also trying to figure out a way to make sure we boosted these cupcakes up to $1.00 each and get people out of the mindset that cupcakes need to cost .50 cents each.


2 comments July 14, 2008

Banana bread mini loaves!!

I know they look big in the picture but they are not. They are mini loaves and are half a pound each. I know because I even weighed them. haha

So a few weeks ago I made banana bread and sliced it up into small $2 slice packs. They all sold. Made 1 small loaf of bread that sold too.

SInce then I have been wanting to get mini loaf pans, for the people who want to try it but don’t yet want to commit to a whole loaf. So I bought 8 and then we had 4th of July so I was focused on cupcakes and sugar cookies.


3 comments July 14, 2008

Well I will have new food pictures up soon…

…4th of July my best friend and her kids were over. We had a great time. My hubby decided to try his hand at funnel cake. I have never made it before or tasted it. It came out really good. I need to get the link for the recipe he used and upload the pictures.

Yesterday we went to the beach, New Port Beach. It was nice but pretty cold. The wind was blowing like crazy and it was about 77 degrees. We wound up leaving a bit early and stopped on the way home at A restaraunt I absolutely love. It has the best Italian food ever. Alfredo’s in San Bernardino.

We actually had to drive about 20 miles extra to get there but it was worth it. They have tiny round loaves of bread freshly baked and hot out of the oven with a garlic butter spread that is to die for!

Joe and I split a 3~way combo. Lasagna, mostaccioli with sauce and sausage. We ordered an all meat pizza and a sausage pizza for the kids and of course had some. They have the best pizza ever there.

My favorite kind of pizza is italian sausage. What is yours?

3 comments July 13, 2008

$20.00 for a dozen cupcakes!!!

Yes you heard that right. We were paid $20.00 to bake and make 1 dozen cupcakes for the 4th of July! Click here for pics of the cupcakes sent out earlier in the week. Earlier in the week we made up the boxes with 2 cupcakes + 2 sugar cookies for $2.00 or 3 cupcakes + 3 cookies for $3.00.


5 comments July 7, 2008

4th of July Cupcakes!

Well I picked up some mini flags from a party supply store a few weeks back. I colored the icing red and blue. I searched 5 different stores looking for 4th of July sprinkles. Finally found them a week or so ago at Joann’s craft. I went on the hunt for a decent sugar cookie recipe. I found one. It uses a touch of lemon extract and is marvelous.


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