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I sold my Dora Cake today! Yeah!!!

Okay so this is the $65.00 Dora cake order. We spent WAY more time on this than we anticipated. Oh and we missed our deadline! She said on the phone 12:00 and it was just problem after problem!

I go in the kitchen at 9:00 this a.m.and Joe went to wash the van outside. (His days off are Thurs – Sat) The girls were watching a movie. I thought I would be smart last night and get a jump start and get the dry ingredients ready. I would be making 9 3/4 cups chocolate cake today. Two 8″ cakes and there would be batter for cupcakes left over but not enough. We need 36, plus a few to test plus 2 for another order, don’t laugh! haha. So I figured I would also make the texas sheet cake batter. That one is nice and simple. Then we would have leftovers to sell a few this weekend.


3 comments August 31, 2008

The Cakes are selling!!

(We didn’t sell this cake, it was done up for photos only. Similiar cupcake topper to the Dora ones we will be doing)

This post could be about 10 pages long. lol That chocolate strawberry cake , I decided to price at $45.00. Ingredients, cake boards, and boxes alone cost me $16! It also takes me 50 minutes to whip it up from scratch, then it is an hour in the oven, then Joe was working on frosting/decorating it for it seemed like an hour! I think it was. haha


2 comments August 27, 2008

Chocolate Cake w/strawberrys and whipped cream


This is the most delicious chocolate cake ever!

I have said that before about the texas sheet cake.

But this one blows even that one out of the water!


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Apple Cinnamon Spice Cake II


Okay so I made this once before, a few months ago. I didn’t have a bundt pan then though. Now as far as taste goes it is extremely moist and very sweet, great if you like a spicy cake. This one should be good for the holidays.

I wanted to make it again and get some better pics though.


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Okay so the baking the other day did NOT…

We did this banana cream pie a week or so ago. Just thought I would toss this in since I don’t have any cake pics yet. 😦

…go as planned. I set out to bake 2 6 inch cakes and 2 8 inch cakes. I have 4 new 9 inch spring form pans which I adore but that is not 8 inches is it?

A few years back we bought at Michaels a set of 4 pans. 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches.

SO I used the 6 in’ twice and the 8 in once. And the bakers secret pans I used to use for brownies are supposed to be 8 inches. Guess what? They aren’t!


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Why is it always about the cookies!!!

I had a friend edit out the city for me. It says City of ***** And she edited it all out so I can remain semi anonymous. Thanx so much Alex! You are awesome!!

Okay so end of July I did the same cake batter as from the Hawaiin cake but no pineapples at all and I used a different recipe for cake flour. I made a mini cake for me to sample and I didn’t even get to frost it. It was so good I ate it right away!


5 comments August 13, 2008

Princess Perfection….

Isn’t that tiara set adorable? So I decided what I am going to do. Two cakes, one on top and smaller than the other. The tiara will sit on top cake and the scepter will be on the bottom cake. Princess cake here I come!


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The tamale lady made me mad!

Okay so I love tamales. I usually try to pick some up 1-2 times a year though cause I will want to eat all of them!

A few weeks ago my son seen someone selling tamales to the neighbour. I ran over to ask how much? $1 each. I asked for 4. I figured my hubby and I would test them out and if they were good we could buy more another time. I asked for all pork.

2 of them were pork and 2 were cheese!


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