I sold my Dora Cake today! Yeah!!!

August 31, 2008 Jasmine
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Okay so this is the $65.00 Dora cake order. We spent WAY more time on this than we anticipated. Oh and we missed our deadline! She said on the phone 12:00 and it was just problem after problem!

I go in the kitchen at 9:00 this a.m.and Joe went to wash the van outside. (His days off are Thurs – Sat) The girls were watching a movie. I thought I would be smart last night and get a jump start and get the dry ingredients ready. I would be making 9 3/4 cups chocolate cake today. Two 8″ cakes and there would be batter for cupcakes left over but not enough. We need 36, plus a few to test plus 2 for another order, don’t laugh! haha. So I figured I would also make the texas sheet cake batter. That one is nice and simple. Then we would have leftovers to sell a few this weekend.

Just getting the dry ingred together last night took me 30 minutes for both. Now normally the cake batter takes me 50 minutes start til oven time and the texas one is 20. So with me getting dry stuff done last night I was thinking this would be a breeze today! I decide to start with the texas cupcakes so that while those 24 are baking, I will then mix up batter for the choc. cake. & extra cupcakes. I have 50 liners of Dora and only need 37. (SOmeone else ordered a princess and a boots cupcake, two! lol)

Click this to see a bigger picture.

(See where we are having trouble on the green frosting under her name?)

My microwave keeps acting up so i can’t time the oven with it. So I bought a timer weeks ago. The first 10 minutes are fine, the bell rings, I flip the cuppys in the oven fine and keep mixing the other batter. Well wouldn’t ya know the 2nd time it doesn’t go off!!!

Yes, some of the cupcakes got a little crispy and I always agonize oover cupcakes anyways, usually the yellow ones though. But the choc. ones are usually perfect at 20 minutes. About 4 did burn, the others were a lil darker but still great. I tasted 2 but I always keep worrying. SO I decide to make more batter. Tack on an extra 20 minutes there!

I start getting frazzled and getting nervous. I go bang on my dd’s door and ask if she could PLEASE come and help me!! If she could just measure out some more sugar and flour and salt I could get the buttermilk and eggs ready etc. She doesn’t hear me. Grrr!!! Yeah. Yeah, right!

SO I drag my dh from outside. He can tell I am getting really stressed and although baking is not his passion, he knows his way around the kitchen and used to work in rest. before and is the one who decorates the cakes. SO he comes in and starts helping me.

I almost goof up the cake by getting flustered. I forgot to put the 3 eggs and 1.5 cups of coffee in, last step. BUT when I look at it and think I need to pour the batter, I am looking at it saying, it is too thick, I missed something here! lol

Saved in time. The 2 cakes are in the oven and more cupcake batter is being poured. For some reason a chunk off the side of the cake stuck to the pan despite crisco and flour!

We make up some heavy whipping cream filling, cut strawberries and bananas. We had a little bit of white icing left form a previous day so Joe fills it with the cool whip and starts crumb coating it a little bit BUT we are racing against time! We don’t really even have time to allow the cakes too cool before he is trying to fill them and crumb coat.

12:00 was rolling around alot sooner than I thought it would and I was almost in tears!! I told Joe, “Lets call her and see if she can wait til 12:30, or so? Hopefully her party isn’t til tonight and she was just saying, 12:00 would be good?”

He said,”No thats not very professional.”

“Yeah I KNOW. But we cant finish the cake and do the cupcakes all by 12:00!!”

15 minutes til 12:00 he agrees and runs down the street to talk to her.I told him see if we can get til 1:00??

I was really panicking. My first “big order” and I goof!!

I am not used to working with time constraints. Usually it is Chris saying so and so said they want ban. bread or cookies or whatever it is they want, tomorrow, or later tonight. Or buying what he took with him in the basket. Or a neighbour stopping by, “Hey you got cookies?” No but we are making some up right now, come back in an hour or so.


Thank the good Lord she said the party didn’t start til 4:00!!! I was so relieved!! She is a real sweetie and said it is no problem, take your time, that she has been bragging to all her friends and family about how awesome my baked goods are that they taste great and look very nice and cute and I bake fresh from scratch and that she knows I will have them just perfect for her…and she just knows it is going to be fabulous!! .


Okay so extreme relief that we have more time but then the pressure was on even more cause she is braggung about me. I kept second guessing myself and thinking, “Oh I hope everything looks perfect and I don’t embarass her in front of everybody!!” LOL

(I do think we are always harder on ourselves.)

The cuppy’s were driving me insane. The first batch is 24 so there would be 26 liners left out of the pack, but if I make more I have 26 liners but need 36 Dora ones! Joe kept trying to tell me they were fine , that a few burnt but the rest were fine. I unwrapped two and ate them and they were awesome. A lil darker than normal but still great. I did have to grab some white liners to compensate the newer batter too.

Okay so check this out, for some reason the cuppys from the cake batter that had dora wrappers were coming out looking really flat! The cuppys in the white wrappers from the texas recipe came out looking nice and round!! A few cuppys the wrappers were trying to peel off the side!!

I wanted to scream!!

After that the lil bit browner dora ones I did in the very first place were starting to look better!! The white wrapper ones looked perfect and in a pinch if the cuppys were burnt and these arent then yeah, take those to the party,, but the cuyppys were not burn t and I am charging extra money for the ‘themed wrapper”. hahahaah Oh my!

SO I told myself , the ones that look flat will look different once they get iced anyways and just to ice everything and pick the best of the best.

SO I start scooping up 8 cups of powdered sugar to sift for the icing and as I am scooping up crisco out of a black measuring cup I am noticing there are black looking scraps in the crisco! I had just done a batch of icing and was now doing the second batch. We realize it is the measuring cup scraping plastic off into the icing!!!

Arrrgghhhh!!!!!! I dump the done batch and the cricso I just started working on. I throw that in the trash and get a metal cup. And guess who just ran out of crisco now!!!?!!

Yep! Yours truly! The fact I didn’t get to bed til 2 a.m. didn’t help either. (

So then Joey and I argue over who is going to run to the store. It is about 6 miles away. I wanted to go cause the cake was in the freezer supposed to be firming up with the crumb coat. Now both him and I can decoarate the cuppys but he is much quicker at …well everything. LOL

So I usually bake stuff and mix frosting and if he is home he will decorate the cupcakes. If hes not I do it. He always decorates the cakes though. Anyhow so I am thinking I can mix the frosting that I am able to make, he can work on cuppys and maybe put another coat of icing on the cake and wont it freeze if he is gone too long?

He gets all irritated and says he can run really fast and be back in a flash and then runs off to go smoke a cig mad at me, and I am thinking I am in no mood to go to the store and I still need to get this frosting together before he can do anything and him being all mad will interfere even more and just go already! haha

Of course in the middle of this I am freaking out thinking I can’t find any more powdered sugar either and what happened to the 25 lbs we had bought??? I did find the other container. Yeah. On his way back, a rock chipped the window in our van!! So now we need to fix that.

Of course it was 104 degrees today and this was NOT helping the frosting problem!! We do have a/c. I think that is the big problem we are having with frosting.He said he thinks it also mixed in some with the heavy cream filling and it wanted to keep sliding off the cake!! SO he kept trying to harden it up in the freezer.

As he did the cupcakes, I sprinkled and tossed with daisy’s and put them in the fridge to cool. Good thing it is just down the street but if not already cooled, they will start melting immediately outside!!

He kept having problems with the frosting but he did the best he could do and I thought the cake was very cute.

I kept freaking out over the cupcakes though,they look small, hey do more frosting, we don’t want to seem cheap, and on and on….

I kept thinking they didn’t look as nice as they could, and what exactly is she expecting and what if they don’t look perfect and…….ugghh. But I kept telling myself that she buys 2 cupcakes every week!! That and some cookies and she is VERY familiar with how they look and taste and they LOOK THE SAME!! I tasted them and they taste great! They have the dora stuff on them and that is what she wanted. There is NO PROBLEM!!! LOL

I have all kinds of bakery boxes I got on clearance for .25 cents but I spent extra to get her the nice window boxes. All I kept thinking is, if I spent $65.00 on 1 cake and 3 dozen cupcakes I would want it to be packaged as awesome as possible. See my other thread about this: The 36 cupcakes fit in this box perfectly.For a smaller order there really wouldn’t be any justification and I would just use a regular bakery box.

We finished at 3:00!!! Yes this took us 6 hours!! Of course there were set backs, having to remake cuppy batter and bake more and cool and dump a whole batch of frosting and remake and wait for him to get back from the store and frosting sliding off and….

All in all I think it turned out really cute but I decided I need a new icing recipe!! I read one on cc tonight and I think I will try it next time. I hear it holds up to the heat and humidity.

Anyways, we boxed everything up. Barely had time to take a few pictures. I didn’t get the dora cake in the box but I got the cupcakes and I think the window box looks awesome. We used a window box for the cake too. I did get pics of the cake while he was boxing it though.

Okay so we got to the house at 3:30 and they loved it!! They were wowed. Her adult son was saying it looked great and he loves strawberries and bananas and now they never have to go to a grocersy store bakery again!! She seen the cuppys and was amazed and kept saying we hooked her up and telling her grand daughter to come and see her cake and she was climbing on the table trying to get it and I can’t remember exactly what else she said but it was very favorable, they were very pleased and her foster son asked Joe how many cuppys we brought and hes like, 36 and he is like good, I love those things I am going to eat 3!! hahaha

I explained to her on the phone about the frosting that she would need to refrigerate immediately and she said she would. Joe showed her the cake where it was trying to come off and (fridge) she said that was fine and they were going to be tearing that up soon anyways! He put it in the fridge himself.

Anyhow I am relieved they loved their cake!! Yeah!!!

I went through and refigured my cost and we actually made $35.00!! I did that Thursday.

I did write her a thank you note and also included an invoice. I figured this would help to outline her cost. I always love a receipt and like to know WHAT exactly things are costing me. I let her know she got a discount becauuse she had a big order AND is a regular customer. SO that way she feels good about herself BUT knows that I am not just going to take $11 off some smaller order. KWIM? :

Invoice Breakdown

double layer 8″ cake ~ $25
36 cupcakes added on to a cake order ~ $30
heavy whipping cream filling and fruit ~ $7.50

Dora Cake topper ~ $7.50
12 cupcake toppers/special liners ~ $6

Total = $76.00

$76 – $11 = $65.00

I charged you the single layer cake price of $14.00, instead of the double layer price of $25.00, since you are a regular customer and you also had 3 dozen cupcakes.

Thank you ~

Oh and next time, for someone else, I AM charging someone $76!!!! LOL

Here is a link to the bigger picture of the cupcakes.

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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Gill  |  September 2, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    wow what a story, glad it all worked out in the end, and the customer was happy. It did look good………..


  • 2. jasmine  |  September 6, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    Thanx Gill. My next cake story is even wilder!!

  • 3. Kirstin  |  October 25, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Oh boy, I would have been in tears! They look awesome,.

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