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Dinosaur Smash Cake…

….we made this for my sons friend who lives across the street for his birthday. He is such a good kid and was so happy to get it. He took it home and my dd asked him later if he liked it. He said it was great! He said he couldn’t stop eating it and his mom and sisters were begging him for some!! hahaaha

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SO I stop by the local “bakery” the other day…

We live in a small town which until last year didn’t even have its own grocery store! Closest one was next city over, about 8 miles. Well now we have that store, plus some fast food places, a bank and even a Denny’s!  Still about 6 miles away.  lol But it is in OUR town!

Well we have a “bakery” about 1 mile down the road. So we stopped in there the other day. It had some mexican cookies and bread. And the deocpac cake book!!

NO CAKES anywhere in sight!!

We tried asking her how much? And she kept acting like she didn’t understand what we were saying. Maybe she just spoke spanish?

There was a tray a little longer than a 1/4 sheet and she like, puts her hand to cut it in half and says thats a 1/4 sheet! Umm, not its not!! LOL

Allegedly $20.00.

No serious baking, caking, decorating going on there.

Wheee for me!! LOL

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Our Baseball Diamond Cake!!

Yeah! Okay so I was so proud of myself for thinking this up myself. Joe is usually the one with all the bright ideas. lol  We already knew we were going to be doing a baseball themed cake soon. But when I was thinking about it I thought about the new 12 x 12 square pan I bought and thought, turn it and tada’ it becomes a  baseball diamond!! Hooray!!

Joe decorated.

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Happy Labor Day!!


Our BBQ cake is done! I am very happy about that. I think it took Joe like 4 hours to frost it though.

We made a chocolate mousse for the filling and staw/ban. We made “cool whip frosting” out of heavy cream, and gelatin. I need to take pics today. It looked so cool I don’t think I want to eat it.


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