Happy Labor Day!!

September 1, 2008 Jasmine
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Our BBQ cake is done! I am very happy about that. I think it took Joe like 4 hours to frost it though.

We made a chocolate mousse for the filling and staw/ban. We made “cool whip frosting” out of heavy cream, and gelatin. I need to take pics today. It looked so cool I don’t think I want to eat it.

Our 1/4 sheets start at $35.00, with whipped cream frosting and fruit it would be $10.00 more. SO $45.00

But after all the time he spent I am thinking $75.00. And it IS a specialty cake so I don’t feel bad. And we do have lower priced cakes so, its not like someone can’t choose something else.

Oh, not to mention this cake also has $4.00 worth of sugar cookies on it. I am not too concerned about that cost per say, but that is extra work involved. that means before we even make cake, we get to make cookies!

Slice of this cake:

The choc. mousse was made with heavy whipping cream,sugar, vanilla and choc. chips but we used bananas for the filling too. I have decided no bananas for me next time! lol

Mainly it took so long cause he applied like 2 crumb coats to it. So ice/smooth/freeze. You know the drill. He said you have to keep playing with it to get it do do what you want it to do. Everything is whipping cream and cake, cept the flames, those are buttercream(2/3 crisco/1/3 rd butter.)

I am very impressed with this cake. And he gives me high hopes that between his decorating/artisticness and my awesome tasting baking we will do great.

link to the bigger picture

side view link


See all the crumbs underneath!!

Afterwards: Yeah!


I asked Joe if he used all buttercream if it would be quicker? He said probably but he is not timing himself. Okay so what would YOU charge for this cake? keep in mind you are spending out about $18.00 in ingredients/boxes. You are also looking at about 6 hours of work. lol

Do you think the average person could do this themselves at home? I don’t think so.

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