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I want to move!!

I have lived up here for 7-8 years and it has been a great house for us. It is only about 15 years old and is 4bed/3 bath and rent went from $725 originally and up to $900 a few years ago.

Really a great deal.

BUT. This town is very small, we just barely got a grocery store 1 year ago and a few months ago Denny’s, Carl’s, etc. So we are growing, but still the closest is 6 miles away and you could drive 2 more miles to the next town to do all that.


It’s not just that. It’s the people too. There are alot of non english speakers and that is fine. No problem, but you can’t talk to most your neighbours, ya know?

The speaking ones there are a few nice ones but there seems to be getting more and more hoodlums, etc.

It is just not very community or family oriented here.

He works about 12 miles from here and our church is another 8 miles past that. And I wouldn’t move just to be closer to either. But the city our church is in is alot better. Alot of houses even have 1/2 an acre or so and your more likely to see someone riding a horse than people looking like they are up to no good.

Better established homes and neighborhoods, etc.

So Joey and I are thinking of moving. Originally we just wanted to wait to move til we can buy. That may still be a while though.

Meanwhile, we just want a change of pace.

Maybe by the new year we can move.

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Attention! Nexxus is on sale at ….

…Costco!!! So anyone who has a Costco card, this is for you. Okay so here is the break down, (before taxes). All figures are approximate. My local…


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Nine Ways to Avoid Household Toxins

Nine Ways to Avoid Household Toxins

Barely a month goes by without some toxic scare, whether it’s the chemicals in the plastic used for some baby bottles, or lead in lipsticks. You could be forgiven for being a nervous shopper, even if much of the data on what’s toxic is inconclusive. It’s not necessary to become compulsive, but to help cautious consumers navigate all the confusing warnings and advisories, Nena Baker, author of “The Body Toxic” (North Point Press, 2008), offers her tips for reducing your exposure to everyday toxins.


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Chocolate cake with cherrys!

Okay so¬† we did this 2 weeks ago and had planned to do a stacked princess cake but I goofed up a batch of cake batter so all we had left was the smash cake(dinosaur) and a 12″ cake. What to do? We decided to make a cake with cherry pie filling and poured on to the top of the cake. It was delicious!


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Our Princess Tiara cake w/ stars!!

Yippee!! I am really excited about this one!! This is our first stacked cake we have done. I used the vivid setting on the camera so the colors came out darker and more vibrant. I like the darker better and when we make this cake again I am going to tell Joe to make it darker.


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