So the last 4 months have been crazy!

May 18, 2009 Jasmine

I have spent alot of time in the pursuit of finding a house for us to buy. I have learned alot these last few months. I have gotten so involved and detailed about this search that most the time I know more about the area/houses then the agents themselves.

Some of my friends are telling me I should become an agent because I seem to have such a passion for this and am good at it. haha I tell them my job is here at home and it is easy for me to become very passionate about something that will have a great impact on my family. Moving to a new house and area is not something I take lightly. Especially in this economy you don’t want to pick wrong.

Fountain at the Country Club

Fountain at the Country Club

My husbands work is centrally located and I have scoured 6 different citys/towns that are nearby or withion 30 minutes of his job. My first priority has been us praying and asking God where he wants us to continue raising this family. What house does he want for us? Cause it could be the best place in our heads but if it’s not what God wants, it won’t work.

After God, our primary concen is a safe location, a big house, a well built house, something unique, good schools. Back In December I mentioned to Joe that some places in 1 town have 1/2 an acre and this other town they have 2 acre plots. So he got hooked on the idea of land. We really liked the excellent school district that town had, low crime rating, small town feel etc. The main problem is there are only a few main roads and everything else is dirt!

I found 1 house I loved. ONE. We made an offer and we got outbid. There were some other “nice” houses, but I don’t want to be 2 miles in on dirt, or live next to a trailer with 10 cars on their property, etc. Another big problem out there was RxR trax.

SO after about 2 months of looking in that town, we started looking in another town.

The big thing I keep reminding myself is location, location, location. It could be a brand new house, a big house, or an awesome looking house. But if it isn’t in a great location, it will become almost worthless out here.

A few years ago they built about 5,000 new homes. Some of them look nice and the prices are rock bottom. The problem is they are turning alot of them into section 8 rentals and alot of gangs from L.A. are moving up here. Most of these new home developments are foreclosure city. The market has really crashed and most homes are selling for 50% off of what they sold for at the heighth of the bubble.

One gal I talked to said she lives in one of those tracts and she hears gunshots every other nite!

These tracts look nice because the city keeps up on the outside wall garden areas and they clean up any graffitti. But come nite time it is a different story.

SO we kept looking on the outskirts. We usually drive by a house/area first to check it out and don’t bother our agent unless we really want to get inside.

We have probably checked out at least 100 different houses in all areas up here. I have enjoyed it as somewhat of a hobby. Hubby got burnt out and just wants to move.

We found another house and after spending a few days, countless hours, taking abot 100 pictures and agonizing over all the details and we finally go to make an offer and our agent finds out we can’t get them to finance it. It has to be all cash!

We figured if we couldn’t find a house we loved with land, how about a house we love that is near water?

So after months of praying and looking, I finally found the community we feel we belong in. It is in a big city, but it is tucked away. There are only 2 main roads going in. Unless you live there or have a guest pass, you can’t park anywhere. So it discourages people just driving thru. You can only get back out thru those 2 main roads you came in at so its not like you drive thru there to get anywhere else. It has video surveillance and has an hoa. They have 2 different sections. One section is the equestrian area with half acre lots, the other is the regular area.

Community Center

community center

Anyhow, it has 3 parks and 1 beach and there is a 220 acre lake with 12 fishing spots! WOW! There are volleyball courts, basketball, baseball, a community center and they are building a skate park. The kids, hubby and I are going to have so much fun!

Fishing Spot

fishing spot

There is also a huge golf course there and a country club you can join, if you want. They have a 24 hour security patrol. It is really a nice area. Most the houses were built 20 – 30 years ago with some new constructions sprinkled in.


They are all custom built and every single house looks different and unique. There are about 4,200 houses.
It is really a nice area and most the houses are kept up nicely. If you don’t keep your yard up you get a ticket.

Golf Course

golf course

We made a bid on 1 house there, but it was a short sale and after 5 weeks of not hearing anything at all, it seems as if an all cash bidder came in and stole the day. We kind of had an inkling that was going to happen about 2 weeks in and knowing it was a short sale we kept looking.

There was another house, a bank owned one, made an offer and lost to an all cash offer as well. It gets frustrating but I keep telling myself it is not what God had for us then. 🙂 We keep praying that God will open the doors he wants to open and to close the doors he wants to close.

Okay so right now we are in the middle of another short sale. We made the offer on 4-16-09. The good thing is we are going thru the listing agent. So basically if she sells us this house, she makes a 6% commission instead of a 3% commission if we had a separate agent. So you know she will do her best to get us into this house before anyone else with their own agent.

Doors have been opening. About 2 weeks in she had us open escrow so that while we are waiting for the bank to approve this offer and this short sale, no one else can come in and make an offer. Well they can but it will be a back up offer and since we are here first we have the first right of refusal.

They were supposed to come out between the 8th and 12th and do an appraisal. Our agent didn’t hear anything and she called the following day and they said one hasn’t been scheduled. But that they had assigned a negotiator on the 11th. She called back the 14th and they said our offer is “in review.”

Her broker said that is really good and is under the strong impression that they would of kicked the offer by now.

The bank/lender guy we have been approved with told us he will have no problem getting us a loan for this house so all is good on that front.

So right now we are just waiting. We are trying not to get too excited but of course we are. 🙂

This one real estate forum said last year 20% of short sales go thru, and this year 80% are going thru. They also said the time is alot shorter to wait then it has been in the past. So that is good.

Meanwhile I am still keeping my eye out for anything else in that area but so far there hasn’t been anything in our range.

I will show some pics of the house in another post.

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  • 1. indiewords  |  May 19, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    I love the look of your blog and all the good info on health too!

  • 2. Jasmine  |  May 19, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Hi Indie,

    Thanx! I am enjoying your blog too. 🙂 Next time you post you don’t have to wait for approval.

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