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Time for a new adventure…toys!!

Well we have had a baking business in the past, but that wasn’t good for my waste line. lol So now I am trying my hand at selling toys on ebay and ecrater. I decided to call it Smoking Red Hot deals. Actually, hubby picked that out. Or maybe we decided together, I can’t remember. Ever since I started selling toys on ebay I have been slammed with lots of stuff to do and learn. I have been burning the candles at both ends and am tired.

Here is the link to my store on ebay and on ecrater in case you want to come take a look.

I am actually having fun. Hubby just had oral surgery, but when he is feeling better I will have him help me spruce the store up.

I am selling primarily furreal friends pets: lulu kitty, tuggin pup, teacup pup, littlest pet shop online, and my e pet 3d. They are all so cute!

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Furreal Friends Lulu Kitty


How can you say no to this face? Lulu is insanely cute. She meows, purrs, moves her paw in front of her face, rolls onto her back. She is the perfect pet for kids of all ages and I would venture to say some adults to. If I didn’t have kids, I would get one just for myself!

I brought one home for Kar, Kass heard it meowing from the bag and she fell head over heels in love. She is almost 17 and is hard to please. She wanted one too!

It was then that I realized I would need to get 3 cats, we have 3 girls and if I get just 2, then Katy would be sad.

But of course Joe didn’t want to have 3 identical cats running around, so I looked and furreal has an all white cat as well. Of course it is out of stock and sold out and I had to get it online.

$66 w/ shipping. I am glad we got it then because prices have since gone up!

These cats are well worth every penny and I can’t wait to see their faces on christmas day. These cats are truly unique.

Commercial for the tan and white kitty:

I m not surprised Lulu is on the hot toys of 2009 toy list. She is awesome! Better come get one before they are all sold out!!

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