Smoking Red Hot Deals On New Toys & Clothes!

March 16, 2011 Jasmine
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barbie & ken she said yes

I have been selling on ebay for over a year now. I sell new clothes and toys over there. I am really enjoying it. I have also made top rated seller and power seller status. I have over 1000 positive feed back and have completed over 1400 transactions.

My store link on ebay is : Ebay store

I have recently started my own website. Its alot of work trying to add items and what not but I am looking forward to getting it all done.

Here is my link there: Smoking Red Hot Deals Website

My website accepts paypal and amazon payments.

I get new items in frequently and will be offering alot of new with tag womens old navy clothes. I have lots of jeans, cargo pants, citizen surplus pants, anorak jackets, citizen surplus jackets, etc. I have alot more to add but already have some things up now. I have some mens old navy board shorts too.

old navy citizen surplus jacket

I sell many items on my website and in my ebay store. Brands like Rare Editions, Bonnie Jean, Carters, First Impressions, Levis. I sell toys like barbie, furreal friends, dora, paper jamz, disney princess, and lots more!

barbie party cruise ship

I even have a barbie party cruise ship. Link

Feel free to stop by or shoot me a message if you have any questions!

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