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How to make a Marlboro Man Sandwich…

…from scratch. Well I have been wanting to try this recipe for quite a while and finally dragged the cubed steak out of the freezer to do so. This a recipe I got from the Pioneer Woman’s website. She calls it: Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich.


6 comments May 5, 2008

How to make Ground Beef Burritos!


Yeah it is simple. The simplest way to do it is to pick up some hamburger meat from the store, grab some flour tortillas, some shredded cheese, sour cream, and a bottle of your favorite salsa. But I sometimes go the extra mile and like to make our tortillas from scratch. I did this tonight using this recipe. I had some salsa in the refrigerator from the other night when I had made some. I browned the ground beef, drained it. Rolling the tortillas out takes a while. I made some extra dough for tomorrow.

Anyhow, warm the tortillas up, put some ground beef in, top with cheese, salsa and sour cream. If you are watching the calories like I am you can have 2 instead of 3 and skip the sour cream. Yum!!!

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How to buy better Meat


We just recently got a Costco member ship again. Well, it has been about 6 months now but I haven’t had one for quite a few years. Joey and I love that place, always something new and lots of great deals on stuff. We are there at least once a week, sometimes twice. Eek! That was over Christmas though.

I never pay much attention to their meats. I remember a few years ago when I had a card they looked pretty expensive. SO I usually don’t venture over there. But the other day I was already doing some shopping and needed ground beef for some chile I am going to make. It was $2.59 a lb for 12% fat. That is not a bad price. What I was surprised at was how NICE the meat looked. I know that sounds funny, but it looked so nice, I had to take a picture.


8 comments February 5, 2008

How to make Beef Chimichangas

chimichanga 4

I have actually never made these before. I know traditionally they are made with flour tortillas and are fried in oil. We try to keep any frying to a minimum around here. When I made the mini stromboli’s a week or two ago and seen how nice and crispy they were, all I could think was, I need to try these with beef in them!


4 comments February 4, 2008

How to buy Filet Mignon for $4.07 a lb!


How to get Filet Mignon for $4.07 a lb!

Okay so we shop and buy meat when it goes on sale and stock up. Well when T bone or ribeye goes on sale we will buy a few packs. I found out this tip from a friend earlier on in the month.

She once asked a butcher what was the difference between a T bone and a porter house steak, cause they both looked the same to her, but porterhouse was .10 cents more. He told her that the porterhouse is a T bone steak with the smaller side of the steak actually being filet mignon.

WOW! She also told me that when the T bone goes on sale the porterhouse usually does as well. So we went to Staters that night and sure enough porterhouse was on sale for $4.07 a lb. She told me normally the filet part is a thinner strip but last night the filet part was very big.

It was REALLY good! We even saute’d mushroom and onions in butter to top it. I didn’t get a picture though. Those steak are so big I told dh we should go back Sunday and get more, slice off the filet and freeze separately. If you didn’t know, filet mignon sold as “filet mignon” is very expensive.

For more tips check out Tammy’s recipes!

11 comments January 28, 2008

Beef with Rice & Vegetables Strifry

I like rice and vegetables and meat. Not plain, but with some kind of marinade on it, sweet n sour sauce(the kind with the bell peppers and pineapples), oriental stirfry sauce(the kind with the high fructose corn syrup in it), orange chicken. Yes I know there is some sugary substances in it but it is a great way to get alot of vegis eaten.

rice bowl

Do you know why alot of Chinese/Oriental/Japanese people are thin and healthy? Because they eat a little bit of meat, a litle bit of rice and a WHOLE LOT OF vegetables! I am not kidding. I need to get more on the ball here. I think I average about once a week eating something like this. If I have something prepped and just ready to heat up I am more likely to eat it for lunch or something.


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