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Banana bread mini loaves!!

I know they look big in the picture but they are not. They are mini loaves and are half a pound each. I know because I even weighed them. haha

So a few weeks ago I made banana bread and sliced it up into small $2 slice packs. They all sold. Made 1 small loaf of bread that sold too.

SInce then I have been wanting to get mini loaf pans, for the people who want to try it but don’t yet want to commit to a whole loaf. So I bought 8 and then we had 4th of July so I was focused on cupcakes and sugar cookies.


3 comments July 14, 2008

How to make great hamburger buns…

This is a really good recipe I tried a few weeks back when I made Marlboro Man Sandwiches.
Here is what the sandwiches looked like:

I made most of them into hamburger buns and made two of them into hoagie rolls. I found this recipe on a friends blog, Jesticalynn, called Homemadewithlove.


3 comments May 27, 2008

How to make Awesome Banana Nut Bread

I don’t have any pictures of the banana bread handy so this is a picture of some banana muffins. I am sure you all know what bread looks like. 😉 Well over Christmas I went searching for an awesome banana nut bread recipe. I stopped by Epicurious and clicked to see what bread had the best rating that was strictly banana nut bread, not one with streussel topping, not one with macadamian nuts, etc. The first one I came to that was such, I immediately clicked the reviews. There were 219 of them!

It is a good thing I like to actually read the reviews instead of just making sure a recipe has a lot of reviews and alot of stars/forks. I didn’t read all of them, maybe just 4 or 5 pages or so, out of 22. But it turns out about 3/4’s of the page down on page 5, “john from Franklin Ma” posted a great recipe he had and for the next 5 pages just about everyone quit reviewing the original posters banana bread and started reviewing his recipe!


6 comments February 6, 2008

How to make Beef Chimichangas

chimichanga 4

I have actually never made these before. I know traditionally they are made with flour tortillas and are fried in oil. We try to keep any frying to a minimum around here. When I made the mini stromboli’s a week or two ago and seen how nice and crispy they were, all I could think was, I need to try these with beef in them!


4 comments February 4, 2008

How to make Luisa’s Focaccia di Patate


I tried a new recipe last night. What week is complete without trying some kind of new bread? I absolutely adore bread and pizza and any dish that looks like pizza is of immediate interest to me.

I tried this new recipe: Focaccia di Patate

I am not sure if she minds me reposting the recipe here so I will just let you go check it out for yourself if you are interested. This picture below is before I tossed them in the oven.



Add a comment January 31, 2008

How to make Jim Lahey’s No-Knead Bread


I am posting this for everyone to enjoy! This is a recipe so simple even a child can do it.

Thanks to Luisa from Wednesday Chef for posting this recipe. Here is her review.


To fully appreciate that review you should read this one too:

Jeff Hertzberg

The Jeff Hertzberg book I still want to get. I will maybe next month. That review kind of put me off though. I am going to try his recipe once I get a baking stone and a peel. Til then I will wait.

What I also really like about his bread/book/idea, what have you, is making up a big hunk of dough basically and being able to just pull some out from the fridge for up to two weeks as needed. I will try it and let you guys know.
For now I tried the Jim Lahey bread. It has been a few weeks. I kept forgetting to blog about it. It was awesome. I very clearly remember Joey and I loving it and him asking me if I could make this bread every day! It was over the top awesome. Like melt in your mouth. Like you can’t believe this came out of YOUR oven!


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How to make Cinnamon Chicken with Onion and Tomatoe

chicken with tomato

So last night I just wanted to throw something together quick. I thawed out a package of chicken thighs, tossed them in a baking pan. I had some bread crumbs left from the Cinnamon Bread I made the other day. I scattered that on top. I had a few pieces of sliced onion in the fridge and put that on top. I opened a can of sliced tomatoes and poured it water and all over the top of the chicken.


1 comment January 27, 2008

The blog is moving….

Okay so I have been quiet for a few days. That is because we are getting ready to move. I have a domain, have had it for about a year and have a board on it. I have had many boards in the past before the domain and been pretty successful with them but they take alot more time than I have. I have found these past few months that I really love having a food blog. It is not as much maintenance or up keep as a board. I am going to leave the board open in case anyone wants to stop by and chat.

But for now I got a new domain yesterday that is going to be focused on having a food blog. I am switching to wordpress. I have a friend who is helping me get it all set up and right now we are just waiting for the server to propogate.

She said we can import all my stuff from here so I won’t have to start fresh thank goodness. I have already picked out the layout for the new blog. One thing that annoys me with blogs is having to scroll down constantly. And if there is a really long post that can get annoying. I love the “click here to read more” feature. I hope you will all join me over there and if you wanted you could actually REALLY join me. I read that we are able to add 35 additional blogs for free. How cool is that?

You can cut yourself a slice of cinnamon bread while we wait.

Cinamon Bread


1 comment January 21, 2008

Home Made Flour Tortillas

I used my cast iron skillet. I really like this thing and am looking forward to making corn bread in it. That is the tortilla dough in the pan.

tortillas 3

I just used white flour this time. Next time I will use half/half. A few weeks ago I was making chicken tacos for lunch for the kids and we ran out of chicken and my eldest ds wanted more. I thought about taking some cheese and corn tortillas and making a generic quesidilla for him but I thought, no I want to make him something really yummy. I stopped what ever else I was doing in the kitchen and made up fresh flour tortillas.


5 comments January 14, 2008

Sonshine’s Bagels

Well I tried something I have been wanting to try off and on for a while now. Bagels!


We had extra cream cheese from Christmas we hadn’t used. A friend posted a recipe for me to try as the one I originally wanted to do I was missing an important ingredient, malt powder. These turned out great but I got irritated while I was mixing it.


2 comments January 4, 2008






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