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The park Sunday the 22nd…


…I took some scenery shots of the park we frequent. When I sat back in my chair and looked up to the sky I was amazed. The clouds and trees and sky were so beautiful and crystal clear. I just had to take some photos. Park Slideshow

Psalm 19:1

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

I agree. Absolutely amazing. What do you think?

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An hour at the park….

…with the kids and my new camera! Okay so I have to admit I need to get the girls bangs trimmed and it is driving me nuts so I will not post any pictures of them. But I have some great shots of the boys and the park!

These photos came out really beautiful with my new camera. At least I think so. I had the camera ratio on 16:9 so cutting the pictures down kind of takes away from the beauty of the park IMO. The picture at the top of this blog seems fuzy. It really nees to be bigger.

These pics were from 6-8-08. Click here to see slideshow.

WHat do you think of the quality of the photos? I think it is great.

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Huntington Beach…

We went there last Saturday. We were a little bit bad and ate out twice! We had pizza for lunch and stopped at a Denny’s on the way home. Hey with each paying “adult” two kids eat for free! Our eldest Kass is 15 and there is no way she is eating off the kids menu.


4 comments June 16, 2008



Well I broke my menu plan. I was busy doing other things. 😉

Yesterday when I was pondering what bread to make Joey for lunch for the net few days he told me at lunch time to make more Stromboli. He could microwave it at work. SO I made up enough dough for 2 of the huge ones I am sure you have seen pics of. Split it into 8 pieces. I went a little easier on the cheese. For one big one it calls for 3 cups of cheese so that would be 3/4 cups each.


4 comments January 29, 2008

How to make Chocolate Pudding Pie

chocolate pie

Believe it or not after making two loaves of bread yesterday around dinner time all of it except 5 thick slices were gone when I went to make lunch for dh. haha So I made two more loaves tonight. We had some bread with dinner, a salad and some vegetable lasagna I got on sale at Costco. It was $6.29 for 2 40 oz boxes with my $3.00 off coupon. Not a bad deal for a quick and easy dinner.

I prefer making our own lasagna. When I do we make 4 at a time but I didn’t have any ready tonight. I asked Joey what he thought of it and he kind of mumbled.


4 comments January 27, 2008

La Casita Mexican Restaurant

This place is soooo good! I think my absolute favorite kind of food is mexican food. I can cook it pretty well myself. We do beans, brown spanish rice, warmed corn tortillas with chicken, cheese and salsa. Sometimes we make enchiladas or quesidillas.

But there is just something so wonderful about going out and being bad. Being bad as in you are probably going to eat an entire days worth of calories in one meal. Why? Cause there is SO much yummy food!

You get there and of course you are hungry. Why else would you be there. You had a light breakfast cause you know you are going out to lunch. lol
You get there and they bring menus and tortilla chips and the best salsa you even tasted in your life. And boy is it hot. You start gulping down that Pepsi. I order pepsi and so does Joe. DD gets milk.

The pepsi is sweet, but you don’t care. That salsa is hot! My dd goes to dip her chip in the salsa and I tell her not to. The salsa is *spicy HOT*, not just *hot*, so just eat the chips. She gives me a funny look, like she is missing out on something.

“But I am HUNGRY”, she whines.

“Me too! Save some chips for me.”

Joey is also busy whoofing down chips and before you know it they ask if they should bring more. Yes please do! Our dd begins to ask questions about every single picture and artifact on the wall. I actually knew who was in one of the pictures, Brad Pitt.

I guess he eats here too. The food is THAT good! All of these pictures I took at the restaurant.

Beef enchiladas w rice & beans

I order a beef enchilada with beans and rice. $5.99. I also order a beef ala carte. $2.00. If I had ordered all that as a “meal”, it was priced at $10.50! Where is the deal in that? Even more surprising the kids meals are $6.95! That cost more than my enchilada plate. She is only 4, she can share our food, believe me Joey is getting ready to order plenty!

3 comments January 25, 2008

Chasing the Sun

sun 1

That is what Joey calls it. The sun seemed as if it had been setting forever as we drove closer and closer to the coast. Remember in my last post how I said I couldn’t wait to go back to Laguna Beach? Well I didn’t have to wait long. haha


2 comments December 28, 2007

Laguna Beach

is about 100 miles from here, one way and is breathtakingly beautiful. This was the second time we had been out that way. The first time was a few days before our wedding. Friends of ours live out there and recently got married on the sand at sunset. It was a small gathering and afterward we all walked over to the Hotel Laguna for the reception.


Well I walked, Joey drove the car over from the metered parking to the valet parking. That was the only parking they had. By the way, when we got home that evening a few items were missing from his back pack.


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The Birthday Girl

So our youngest dd is 4 this month! Normally in the past we tried to keep birthday and x~mas presents at $50.00 each. This year money has opened up a bit more so I told the kids $100.00 each and that is it! That adds up quickly when you have 5 kids. Well her birthday falls in December so basically $200.00

Well back in late October or so Joey seen a Barbie Big Wheels car for her at Costco, $189.99. I checked the other stores and seen them for like $235.00-$250.00! I told him to get it as soon as he got off work! Good thing we did. A few days later there were no more and have not been in that store since!

But how to split that up between birthday and Christmas? lol We found a kitchen playset at Walmart for surprisingly only $38.00! We also wanted to get her some stuffed animals. SO we got her a bear rug for $15.00 and a pack of 7 bears for like $10.00 from Costco.

Well we celebrated last Saturday. Home made cake, 2 different kinds of ice cream, hot dogs, nachos and lots of nachos with nacho cheese sauce! Yeah I am glad all the food is gone. lol Here are some pics of her in her new ride. Oh and yes those are garage couches.

Yeah I know, now we are spending like $255.00! She wants a baby doll too. *sigh* Maybe she needs to write a letter to Santa cause I don’t want to go broke! lol What are you getting your kids for christmas?

4 comments December 12, 2007

The Holidays

Well we are renting a van for 4 days from the 22nd til the 26th. That Saturday my friend is getting married down by the beach! I am so excited. Joe actually has to work Sunday-Thursday! Sunday the family is having a get together for all the 3rd and 4th cousins etc. So right after he gets off work at 3:00 we have to rush over there down to the beach. How long will that take? 2 hours? 3 hours? I have no clue. Tuesday he has to work for like 20 minutes, believe it or not. He HAS too! Then we have to be at my Aunt’s by 10:00 a.m. That should take about 90 minutes.

We are having our traditional German potato pancakes for breakfast. Normally we have ham and/or turkey for dinner but this year my Aunt said they are making rice and curry for dinner, with some orange chicken thrown in for good measure. Is Mc Donald’s going to be open? lol I can’t stand curry!

Do any of you have a traditional holiday meal that you do? What are your plans for christmas?

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