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Enchiladas & Spanish Rice


*edited to add Let me preface this by saying this is my husbands plate and not mine. Mine you probably wouldn’t of been able to see any cheese on it cause I ration my enchilada very carefully. Someone has to count the calories in this house! I measure out a smidge of sour cream too.

If you haven’t noticed I adore just about anything with cheese. I also love Mexican food. Tacos & enchiladas are my favorite. Tamales are too but whenever I go to a Mexican rest. I always order a shredded beef taco and a beef enchilada.

I was updating my blog’s sidebar yesterday and putting in more pics and going over stuff and by golly I inspired myself! LOL I was putting up a picture of my home made enchilada sauce and I said, “That looks good!”


7 comments April 21, 2008

How to make Tomatillo Chile Salsa

I was in the store the other night and I told my dh I would be quick. lol Wouldn’t you know I seen a couple in the chile section discussing their list and I just had to ask them if they were making salsa? Indeed they were. They were very nice and he was very proud of his salsa. He was making it for the super bowl party and said he even won an award last year at a lake. It was a group of houseboats and they all submitted recipes and his was picked as the best of all of them.

Joe and I really enjoyed this recipe last night on our chimichangas. Some bites were a little hot but the sourcream cooled it off and I can’t wait to try it today with chips. For me I usually like salsa best the day after it is made, after it has had time to chill. There were so many different flavors in this it was wonderful! I like it better than my other salsa.


6 comments February 4, 2008

How to make Spanish Rice


1 large onion

1 large green bell pepper

3 cloves garlic

1 lb of white rice

2 cans of tomato sauce(8 oz)

salt to taste


Saute chopped onions and chopped bell pepper in light oil. Add rice to it in a large frying pan. Stir in 2 cans of tomato sauce and salt. Fill water to rim of pan. Put lid on and simmer at medium heat for 20 minutes until rice is soft and tasty.

That is my moms spanish rice recipe as she has it written down. I usually use brown rice which is different cause you need to cook it for about 50 minutes and then maybe add more water, maybe not. It is very touchy and sometimes it will turn out perfect for me and sometimes it won’t lol I usually add a bunch of tomato on top the last 20 minutes or so or some broccoli and cauliflour.  But if you are new to this, just stick with the first recipe.  😉 These are some pictures I took recently.

2 comments February 4, 2008

How to make Beef Chimichangas

chimichanga 4

I have actually never made these before. I know traditionally they are made with flour tortillas and are fried in oil. We try to keep any frying to a minimum around here. When I made the mini stromboli’s a week or two ago and seen how nice and crispy they were, all I could think was, I need to try these with beef in them!


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La Casita Mexican Restaurant

This place is soooo good! I think my absolute favorite kind of food is mexican food. I can cook it pretty well myself. We do beans, brown spanish rice, warmed corn tortillas with chicken, cheese and salsa. Sometimes we make enchiladas or quesidillas.

But there is just something so wonderful about going out and being bad. Being bad as in you are probably going to eat an entire days worth of calories in one meal. Why? Cause there is SO much yummy food!

You get there and of course you are hungry. Why else would you be there. You had a light breakfast cause you know you are going out to lunch. lol
You get there and they bring menus and tortilla chips and the best salsa you even tasted in your life. And boy is it hot. You start gulping down that Pepsi. I order pepsi and so does Joe. DD gets milk.

The pepsi is sweet, but you don’t care. That salsa is hot! My dd goes to dip her chip in the salsa and I tell her not to. The salsa is *spicy HOT*, not just *hot*, so just eat the chips. She gives me a funny look, like she is missing out on something.

“But I am HUNGRY”, she whines.

“Me too! Save some chips for me.”

Joey is also busy whoofing down chips and before you know it they ask if they should bring more. Yes please do! Our dd begins to ask questions about every single picture and artifact on the wall. I actually knew who was in one of the pictures, Brad Pitt.

I guess he eats here too. The food is THAT good! All of these pictures I took at the restaurant.

Beef enchiladas w rice & beans

I order a beef enchilada with beans and rice. $5.99. I also order a beef ala carte. $2.00. If I had ordered all that as a “meal”, it was priced at $10.50! Where is the deal in that? Even more surprising the kids meals are $6.95! That cost more than my enchilada plate. She is only 4, she can share our food, believe me Joey is getting ready to order plenty!

3 comments January 25, 2008

How to make White Flour Tortillas

I am posting this especially for Sonshine but I know others may enjoy a new tortilla recipe as well. I got this from a cook booklet my dd got me for X~mas. I was a little annoyed they didn’t give any amount for the water. SO I experimented. This is a picture from the first batch.

Tortillas #1


4 comments January 15, 2008

Home Made Flour Tortillas

I used my cast iron skillet. I really like this thing and am looking forward to making corn bread in it. That is the tortilla dough in the pan.

tortillas 3

I just used white flour this time. Next time I will use half/half. A few weeks ago I was making chicken tacos for lunch for the kids and we ran out of chicken and my eldest ds wanted more. I thought about taking some cheese and corn tortillas and making a generic quesidilla for him but I thought, no I want to make him something really yummy. I stopped what ever else I was doing in the kitchen and made up fresh flour tortillas.


5 comments January 14, 2008

How to make 5 lb Nachos!

We all went to a birthday party yesterday. Well all of us except my eldest dd. She wanted to stay home. She missed out on some awesome nachos!


These Nachos were soooo good!! You want the recipe? It is simple!

Grab a plate and load it up with nacho cheese chips, warmed up cheese sauce, ground beef, beans, tomato, green onion, cilantro, lettuce, olives and sour cream.

Easy! I told my friend that Joe and I would just split a plate. (She was making the other plates smaller and she was like no, have your own plate.) I was like no it’s okay. I’d rather split a plate cause I had already hit the ruffles chips and onion dip. SO she went and made us this HUMONGOUS plate to share!! lol It doesn’t look that big in the picture but that plate is FULL of food and heaping high. lol It was great though!!


1 comment January 12, 2008

Chicken Taco Night


Okay so I still had spanish rice and beans left over after making the enchilada freezer meals. I was thinking of chicken tacos and beans and rice but then I though a dry corn tortilla frozen then warmed up would get soggy. So I thought what about putting in beans and rice and chicken, the kids could microwave that and then all that would be left is to warm up some corn tortillas , add a little cheese and some salsa and we have another quick dinner!


6 comments January 8, 2008

How to make Mexican Enchiladas & Home Made Sauce

ench sauce

I got this recipe from Recipe Zaar. I tried it about 6-9 months ago and we all loved it but I misplaced the recipe and pretty much forgot all about it. The store bought can I like is Montecito from Smart N Final. I was looking OAMC up on that site and bumped into this. I was glad I did. I wound up making up a bunch of food for the freezer these past two days and day 1 I quadrupled this recipe. I used it the next day(yesterday)to make 2.5 pans of enchiladas. It made about 112 oz of sauce(when you quadruple the recipe). That was enough for 2.5 pans plus about 10 oz left over that I tossed in with 2 15 oz cans of tomato sauce and some water into a pot of chile beans. Recipe to follow


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