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Apple Spice Cake

Well my friend Pam over at Kid’s Kitchen was kind enough to share one of her recipes with us. She is an awesome baker and even sells her baked goods at her local farmers market. Thanx for sharing Pam!

I didn’t try the red food coloring.

I didn’t have a bundt pan.

But I don’t let silly things like that stop me. 😉


2 comments June 30, 2008

The “It won’t melt and fall off” frosting


Hooray. Success. Well I love baking and decorating cupcakes. The only problem is when you use butter, if it gets to warm, it melts and starts to slide off the cupcake! Not so pretty then. SO I pmed a trusted source, Chocolate Chic.


2 comments June 16, 2008

How to make Black Angus’ Baked Potato Soup

A new friend asked for this recipe. I have never tried it. Tell me if you try it and like it.


Add a comment April 28, 2008

How to make Outback Steakhouse Creamy Potato Soup

Riverwalk from Prairie homemaker also posted this recipe along with the recipe for Outback Steakhouse Bread .

I have not tried this one either but figured someone may want it.


2 comments April 24, 2008

How to make Pepperoni Pizza


Well there are many ways to make it. I have tried quite a few recipes over the past year. Mostly whole wheat. Somehow I have gotten addicted to the bread flour stromboli dough though. It is so simple and so versatile. I have made Stromboli, my own version of beef chimichangas and we make pizza with this as well. It never fails to deliver a simply awesome tasting food.


9 comments April 20, 2008

How to make Microwave Pizza

Okay so Thursday the kids wanted pizza and I wanted to try the Stromboli dough out and use that. That recipe calls for bread flour and all I had at the time was all purpose flour though. I believe I took 2 big doughs and cut them both into 4’s. 2 of those 4’s I doubled up and made cheesey bread.


Add a comment February 4, 2008

How to make Tomatillo Chile Salsa

I was in the store the other night and I told my dh I would be quick. lol Wouldn’t you know I seen a couple in the chile section discussing their list and I just had to ask them if they were making salsa? Indeed they were. They were very nice and he was very proud of his salsa. He was making it for the super bowl party and said he even won an award last year at a lake. It was a group of houseboats and they all submitted recipes and his was picked as the best of all of them.

Joe and I really enjoyed this recipe last night on our chimichangas. Some bites were a little hot but the sourcream cooled it off and I can’t wait to try it today with chips. For me I usually like salsa best the day after it is made, after it has had time to chill. There were so many different flavors in this it was wonderful! I like it better than my other salsa.


6 comments February 4, 2008

How to make Beef Chimichangas

chimichanga 4

I have actually never made these before. I know traditionally they are made with flour tortillas and are fried in oil. We try to keep any frying to a minimum around here. When I made the mini stromboli’s a week or two ago and seen how nice and crispy they were, all I could think was, I need to try these with beef in them!


4 comments February 4, 2008

How to make Onion Seasoning Mix

I bought the make a mix cookbook about a year ago and got this recipe from them.

4 tsp of instant beef boullion granules

8 tsp of dried minced onion

1 tsp of onion powder

1/4 tsp of bon appetit seasoning or celery salt


  1. Mix all this together until blended.
  2. This mix can be used right away or be pre made and put into foil packets for up to 6 months.

I skip the celery salt and bon appetit part and instead just add celery seed. I don’t like alot of salt. I then just store in an old seasoning container and label it.

1 comment February 3, 2008

How to Make Eric Treuille’s Stromboli


So it is finally here. The recipe I have been promising for weeks! I got a pm this morning from a friend on a board I frequent and she said she tried Stromboli after reading about it on my blog and that it was great. A real family pleaser. That reminded me that I needed to not be so greedy and share this wonderful recipe with all of you.

This recipe is really awesome! The first time I made this I followed the directions exactly except I had no fresh basil, just dried. I also have dried rosemary. I didn’t have the smoked mozzarella either so I substituted cheddar cheese. Everything else was the same and you can see the picture of it at the top. I call it Double Trouble: Twin Stromboli. Click this link to hear me rave about it last week and to see more pictures of the process of making it. Stromboli


8 comments February 1, 2008






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