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Furreal friends walking puppys white and brown

furreal friends walking puppys

These furreal friends walking puppys are the best dogs ever! They walk a few steps, they whine and bark. Best of all, they don’t pee on your carpet or eat too much food!

There are 2 colors to choose from:
white furreal friends puppy


brown furreal friends puppy

Or brown.

These are sure to delight little girls every where! This would make a great gift for Christmas, or a birthday, or any occasion you can think of!

I have these available in my ebay store: Furreal friends pets Link

Or at my website: Link

Or if you just need one I also have them available individually.

Furreal friends walking puppys link

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Furreal friends all white kitty cat


This kitty is perfect. The white kitty and the lulu kittys were all my girls wanted for Christmas last year. (They got that plus lots more!) This white kitty is not even sold in stores any more!!

My girls love all the furreal friends, but this kitty really takes the cake!

She is truly a star. She is all white, has a comb. She opens & closes her eyes.

She purrs when she is happy. She moves her head & ears. She swishes her tail.

If you pull her tail she even hisses!!

I have 3 kittys, all new in the box. They all work and still “meow”.

Imagine how excited your little girl will be to get this for a birthday or even Valentines day!!

You can buy her in my store today!——> Smoking Red Hot Deals

2 comments February 9, 2010

Furreal Friends Lulu Kitty


It doesn’t get any more adorable than this. I have sold 24 in the past few weeks and the positive feed back is rolling in from people everywhere. come and get yours before they all sell out!

Lulu Kitty

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Furreal friends lulu kitty

We finally have her back in stock after selling out a week ago. She is so cute!


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We have now added clothes to the store..

..yeah! They are so cute too.

Disney princess, and disney princess tiana dresses and pajamas, bonnie jean dresses, rare editions, we have more zhu zhu pets in, I even got more furreal friends lulu kitty in.

Come take a look!


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Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters Go Go Pets Complete Set of 4

Just scored some more zhu zhus for my store, come check em out before they are all gone.

set of 4 zhu zhu pets

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Hooray! I scored some zhu zhu pets today for my store!!

Come and get them before they are all gone!!!

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Furreal friends lulu kitty is homeless!!


So I have now sold 20 fur real friends lulu kittys in the last 11 days. Not bad. This cute kitty sold last friday nite, but I think it was a mistake. The gals last feedbacks were in like 2007 and it has been 4 days and no payment.

So now lulu and her kitten are homeless. 😦

I put her back on the auction block, and I only have one furreal friends lulu WITH a kitten left. So if you would like to buy her, you better hurry!

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Heidi Klum Barbie Doll Blonde Ambition 2009 $45 RARE!

<img src="Photobucket” alt=”gdref” />

Lookie what I put in the store!

How cool is that? A Heidi Klum Barbie doll.

Well looks like Barbie will be selling today. She is priced at $45 at walmart!

My furreal friends lulu kittys have been flying off the shelves. I have sold 17 in 10 days and there is already bids on the one for this afternoon.


This is the only lulu I have left with a kitten.

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