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2007 Toyota Sienna Le

…with package 1. I really love this van! It has the brand new engine they updated for 2007. It has ALOT of power! Like Joey said, more than a minivan needs. lol It has tinted windows, two sliding doors, one power operated. Power windows and door locks.

Some kind of trunk electronic locking device, home link and reg, compass, fuel economy. 8 seats! It is stone color on the inside. We have a full wrap warranty up to 7 years and 100,000 miles. We have a Karr alarm that also kills the starter so it won’t start. The way it is set up even if someone takes it out, it still won’t start.

I need to take some better pictures but these are it for now. 🙂 PTL!!!

7 comments March 1, 2008

Hooray! We got the van!!!

Hooray! I am really excited!!! We have been working with the fleet guy for a few days at our local Toyota dealer to get financed. As some of you know we had some credit issues. He ran the stats for the 08 ce and we didn’t get approved by toyota finance. (I figured aim high and if we had to go lower then fine) They said the only way to go was with a certified used vehicle. I definately wouldn’t mind an 05 or an 06 but the 05’s out here were in the $19,000-$20,000 range and up!


3 comments February 28, 2008

Update and ANNOYING news on the van!!!

Arrrggghhhhhh. Fleet guy talked to toyota motor corp and they said that they wanted to see him 1.5 years on the job. He only has 8 months. He was working for 2.5 years at a restaraunt in Mt, then came out here to be with me. Worked for 2 years at a place up here doing detail work, LOW pay and then he got hired on with a MUCH better job last july making almost twice what he was making. But no, they want to see longer on the job. Sad

That was the only problem they had. Credit was good enough, monthly amounts for us are fine etc.

The fleet guy said he is still waiting to hear back from the banks. Joe called him at 2:00 yesterday and he said he sent stuff over there at 12:00. By this evening he still hasnt heard back but maybe tomorrow.

He said toyota also said the amount was too much. Cause of time on the job. I told him we’d be willing to put $5,000 down total. When he asked originally we told him $3,000, cause you know they are always wanting to push you for more. He is not like that though. He was telling us he would try to get us in a less expensive vehicle. There are still the used 07’s on the lot. Two of them. The one we drove last night and the 8 seater which was getting prepped.


2 comments February 27, 2008






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