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Smoking Red Hot Deals On New Toys & Clothes!

barbie & ken she said yes

I have been selling on ebay for over a year now. I sell new clothes and toys over there. I am really enjoying it. I have also made top rated seller and power seller status. I have over 1000 positive feed back and have completed over 1400 transactions.

My store link on ebay is : Ebay store

I have recently started my own website. Its alot of work trying to add items and what not but I am looking forward to getting it all done.

Here is my link there: Smoking Red Hot Deals Website

My website accepts paypal and amazon payments.

I get new items in frequently and will be offering alot of new with tag womens old navy clothes. I have lots of jeans, cargo pants, citizen surplus pants, anorak jackets, citizen surplus jackets, etc. I have alot more to add but already have some things up now. I have some mens old navy board shorts too.

old navy citizen surplus jacket

I sell many items on my website and in my ebay store. Brands like Rare Editions, Bonnie Jean, Carters, First Impressions, Levis. I sell toys like barbie, furreal friends, dora, paper jamz, disney princess, and lots more!

barbie party cruise ship

I even have a barbie party cruise ship. Link

Feel free to stop by or shoot me a message if you have any questions!

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How to make 5 lb Nachos!

We all went to a birthday party yesterday. Well all of us except my eldest dd. She wanted to stay home. She missed out on some awesome nachos!


These Nachos were soooo good!! You want the recipe? It is simple!

Grab a plate and load it up with nacho cheese chips, warmed up cheese sauce, ground beef, beans, tomato, green onion, cilantro, lettuce, olives and sour cream.

Easy! I told my friend that Joe and I would just split a plate. (She was making the other plates smaller and she was like no, have your own plate.) I was like no it’s okay. I’d rather split a plate cause I had already hit the ruffles chips and onion dip. SO she went and made us this HUMONGOUS plate to share!! lol It doesn’t look that big in the picture but that plate is FULL of food and heaping high. lol It was great though!!


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