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How to make Black Angus’ Baked Potato Soup

A new friend asked for this recipe. I have never tried it. Tell me if you try it and like it.


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How to make Outback Steakhouse Creamy Potato Soup

Riverwalk from Prairie homemaker also posted this recipe along with the recipe for Outback Steakhouse Bread .

I have not tried this one either but figured someone may want it.


2 comments April 24, 2008

How to Make Magnolia’s Chocolate Cupcakes

Okay so I have made Magnolia’s Vanilla cupcakes before like 3 times and raved about them here and here. They are REALLY good! The other day was my ds’s birthday so I wanted to make him some cupcakes. I wanted to try a new recipe though too. Fortunately for us we had all the ingredients on hand. I did add a tsp of cinnamon to the cupcake batter though.


5 comments February 8, 2008

How to make Jim Lahey’s No-Knead Bread


I am posting this for everyone to enjoy! This is a recipe so simple even a child can do it.

Thanks to Luisa from Wednesday Chef for posting this recipe. Here is her review.


To fully appreciate that review you should read this one too:

Jeff Hertzberg

The Jeff Hertzberg book I still want to get. I will maybe next month. That review kind of put me off though. I am going to try his recipe once I get a baking stone and a peel. Til then I will wait.

What I also really like about his bread/book/idea, what have you, is making up a big hunk of dough basically and being able to just pull some out from the fridge for up to two weeks as needed. I will try it and let you guys know.
For now I tried the Jim Lahey bread. It has been a few weeks. I kept forgetting to blog about it. It was awesome. I very clearly remember Joey and I loving it and him asking me if I could make this bread every day! It was over the top awesome. Like melt in your mouth. Like you can’t believe this came out of YOUR oven!


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How to make 5 lb Nachos!

We all went to a birthday party yesterday. Well all of us except my eldest dd. She wanted to stay home. She missed out on some awesome nachos!


These Nachos were soooo good!! You want the recipe? It is simple!

Grab a plate and load it up with nacho cheese chips, warmed up cheese sauce, ground beef, beans, tomato, green onion, cilantro, lettuce, olives and sour cream.

Easy! I told my friend that Joe and I would just split a plate. (She was making the other plates smaller and she was like no, have your own plate.) I was like no it’s okay. I’d rather split a plate cause I had already hit the ruffles chips and onion dip. SO she went and made us this HUMONGOUS plate to share!! lol It doesn’t look that big in the picture but that plate is FULL of food and heaping high. lol It was great though!!


1 comment January 12, 2008

Beef with Rice & Vegetables Strifry

I like rice and vegetables and meat. Not plain, but with some kind of marinade on it, sweet n sour sauce(the kind with the bell peppers and pineapples), oriental stirfry sauce(the kind with the high fructose corn syrup in it), orange chicken. Yes I know there is some sugary substances in it but it is a great way to get alot of vegis eaten.

rice bowl

Do you know why alot of Chinese/Oriental/Japanese people are thin and healthy? Because they eat a little bit of meat, a litle bit of rice and a WHOLE LOT OF vegetables! I am not kidding. I need to get more on the ball here. I think I average about once a week eating something like this. If I have something prepped and just ready to heat up I am more likely to eat it for lunch or something.


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How to make Mexican Enchiladas & Home Made Sauce

ench sauce

I got this recipe from Recipe Zaar. I tried it about 6-9 months ago and we all loved it but I misplaced the recipe and pretty much forgot all about it. The store bought can I like is Montecito from Smart N Final. I was looking OAMC up on that site and bumped into this. I was glad I did. I wound up making up a bunch of food for the freezer these past two days and day 1 I quadrupled this recipe. I used it the next day(yesterday)to make 2.5 pans of enchiladas. It made about 112 oz of sauce(when you quadruple the recipe). That was enough for 2.5 pans plus about 10 oz left over that I tossed in with 2 15 oz cans of tomato sauce and some water into a pot of chile beans. Recipe to follow


7 comments January 8, 2008

How to make The best cupcakes ever!

CupcakesThese cupcakes are the best! Yeah I know, that is what every one says, but seriously, these are wonderful! I have tried many cake mixes(store mixes)in my day and most the time was not impressed. I think the only time I was impressed was the year my aunt made lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I believe the mix was Pilsbury. Even though these mixes have gone on sale for .50 cents to $1.00 over the holidays I can NOT bring myself to buy something, no matter how cheap, laden with trans fat!


8 comments December 30, 2007

Jessica’s Spectacular Fudge


Recipe to follow


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Magnolia Bakery Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins
Well I found online about 7 of the Magnolia Bakery recipes. That is the bakery in New York City where people line up down the block for an hour or longer sometimes just to buy a cupcake. lol Joe was baking with me yesterday and we also tried the vanilla, vanilla cupcakes. I will review those later. These muffins are very good. I used half whole wheat/half all purpose flour. Usually any muffins I do, if I do all whole wheat they come out pretty wheaty tasting.

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