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La Casita Mexican Restaurant

This place is soooo good! I think my absolute favorite kind of food is mexican food. I can cook it pretty well myself. We do beans, brown spanish rice, warmed corn tortillas with chicken, cheese and salsa. Sometimes we make enchiladas or quesidillas.

But there is just something so wonderful about going out and being bad. Being bad as in you are probably going to eat an entire days worth of calories in one meal. Why? Cause there is SO much yummy food!

You get there and of course you are hungry. Why else would you be there. You had a light breakfast cause you know you are going out to lunch. lol
You get there and they bring menus and tortilla chips and the best salsa you even tasted in your life. And boy is it hot. You start gulping down that Pepsi. I order pepsi and so does Joe. DD gets milk.

The pepsi is sweet, but you don’t care. That salsa is hot! My dd goes to dip her chip in the salsa and I tell her not to. The salsa is *spicy HOT*, not just *hot*, so just eat the chips. She gives me a funny look, like she is missing out on something.

“But I am HUNGRY”, she whines.

“Me too! Save some chips for me.”

Joey is also busy whoofing down chips and before you know it they ask if they should bring more. Yes please do! Our dd begins to ask questions about every single picture and artifact on the wall. I actually knew who was in one of the pictures, Brad Pitt.

I guess he eats here too. The food is THAT good! All of these pictures I took at the restaurant.

Beef enchiladas w rice & beans

I order a beef enchilada with beans and rice. $5.99. I also order a beef ala carte. $2.00. If I had ordered all that as a “meal”, it was priced at $10.50! Where is the deal in that? Even more surprising the kids meals are $6.95! That cost more than my enchilada plate. She is only 4, she can share our food, believe me Joey is getting ready to order plenty!

3 comments January 25, 2008

How to Ask for a discount!

This has worked for me many times. Whenever we rent a car, book a hotel, buy shoes at payless, buy auto parts even, we ask for a discount. Well I do anyhow, Joe will if he remembers or I remind him. lol

Most of the time I drop the AAA name. Now for the car stuff it was Napa and it wasn’t AAA. It was the fact that Joe used to work for General Motors. He doesn’t any more, now he works for the City.

I was reading a blog last week and the lady mentioned going to and buying gift certificates cheap and having a date night. We usually do this once a month, or once every other month, go out to a nice restaurant. Once a week we hit In & Out or the like but I don’t really count that. Restaurant review for Woody’s Cocky Bull to follow.

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